Not seeing the entire mocha interface [RESOLVED]

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I just bought Hitfilm 4 Pro, and when in Mocha, I saw that half of the screen was hidden. That half has the buttons for camera solve, etc. How do I see that portion of the program?


  • What's your display scaling set to (%) in Windows?

  • I have Mac

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    While the layout of Mocha looks a bit different, it's a tabbed interface like Hitfilm. To switch between the tracking controls and the camera solve controls, you click "Camera Solve" to switch tabs. 

  • Ah, thought it was a UI bug. My b.

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    I can't find any of the tabs, just the screen. (video) 

  • I found it right now, thanks

  • The lower portion of the interface, containing the Parameters tab, can be shown or hidden from the View menu of mocha.

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