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  • @Triem23 -I saw the tut when you first posted it and finally got a little time to scope it out. Although I knew this technique before, you managed to show me a few more tricks.

    Great job!!! I can't wait to see more of your tuts. And like so many others have said....concise and to the point.


    @DrFnord - Thanks for putting that song in my head!  When it's time to relearn, one tut stands clear (tut after tut) Miller sends his tuts through the atmosphere........

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    Photon Torpedoes and bonus shield impacts, coming very soon to @inScapeDigital 's Preset Marketplace.

    This video uses the HF4P and HFP 2017 versions.

    And this older video using the HFU2 version.

  • Dude! Loving the shield impacts!

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    @Aladdin4d ty. They're pretty basic. A lens flare, some lightning, some radial blur, some heat distortion (HF3P version) or smoke distort (HFP 2017 version).

    Yup, I built three photons, three shield hits. One in HF2U, one in HF3P,  one in HFP 2017.

    What's the difference? Lightning, Lightsword, Lightsword Ultra! 

  • Nice job, @Triem23 ! Way beyond my reach.

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    @DLKeur thank you! You'll get there! Just get more experience under your belt.

    @Aladdin4d DLKeur I added an older video to the post  above from HF2U days, showing the older version of the effect. The preset pack will have them all. 

  • Huh! Actually, I like both of them, the HF2U version, and the current/last gen HF version. There's a definite 'feel' to the earlier version that is very compelling.

  • Looking forward to this for sure!

  • @Triem23 They may be basic but I have an appreciation for simple things done really well and this counts.

  • @Triem23 - Beautiful!

    So what happens to the torpedoes that miss? Do they continue on until they eventually hit something?

  • Nice!

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    @StormyKnight beats the hell out of me. The official description of a photon torpedo on Memory Alpha makes no damn sense at all, and is directly contradicted by onscreen representations. In theory, a photon torpedo is a blob of animatter in a magnetic containment bottle with a "dial a yield" warhead inside a casing with a warp drive and an effective range of 300,000 km. Nothing in that description makes sense at all, and dates from a period in next-gen when Trek had ceased to be science fiction, but was still science fantasy.

    Presumably, eventually a photon torpedo either self destructs, or loses power to the magnetic bottle, at which point it blows up.

    Having a dialed yield for antimatter makes zero sense in physics. Having a warp driven projectile with a range of one light-second makes no sense, and is directly contradicted my all on-screen representations ever, where the torpedo is seen to move at sublight, or, when fired at warp, existing for more than the fraction of a second it takes to reach maximum range....

    Am I overthinking it?

    @Aladdin4d ty again. @Stargazer54 ty! 

  • The physics doesn't make sense, but, I think, that's because then humans couldn't see it happen and humans like to see it happen. :D

  • @Triem23 Star Trek has played fast and loose with weapons capabilities for a long time so it's hard to apply a realistic set of rules but the canon ones are or were:

    • Phasers are a light speed limited weapons and can't, or at least shouldn't be fired at warp because the beam can't maintain coherency crossing the warp field boundary
    • Photon torpedoes are warp capable weapons in the sense that they can be fired at warp. They have on board shielding allowing them to survive exiting the ship's warp field and it also aids in armor penetration. "Dial a Yield" is in theory possible by varying the amount of antimatter transferred to to the warhead prior to launch. As far as I know charging a photon warhead like this hasn't been depicted but it makes sense especially from a safety stand point that torpedoes aren't left lying around in storage fully charged all the time. Torpedo rooms have been depicted and it's pull a torpedo of the rack, place it on the launching track which turn feeds the launcher. Torpedoes have been modified on the launching track for all kinds of reasons so it isn't hard to imagine the antimatter charge being added at the same stage.
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    @Aladdin4d : Ahah! A star trek expert. Cool. Love Star Trek...Roddenberry's Star Treks, that is.

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    @Aladdin4d fast and loose with the weapons? I'd noticed. I mean, "The Cage makes it clear Pike's Enterprise could level a continent with an Alpha Strike, yer Picard's Enterprise can't blow up a mile-wide asteroid. 

    What cracks me up about Trek weapons is it's later writers--Berhman-Trek attempting to give explanations that ended up having the weapons make no sense! Photonic, Photon and Quantum Torpedoes are all antimatter warheads. How you have development in a weapon that functions by having antimatter and matter mutually annihilate each other in complete mass/energy conversion is beyond me! And if photons are antimatter reactions, why have Classic Trek episodes where antimatter bombs are used as alternative weapon? 

    Photon Torpedo was a great BS name. Vague but evocative. I always felt a photon torpedo could be a "laser claymore" picture a multi megawatt light source in a casing. As the casing impacts it collapses in its designed way pushing the light source inti its focusing array, the entire output of the laser being one heavy pulse delivered point blank without the loss of energy a beam has over distance. Because photons are light energy, dammit! Makes more sense than an antimatter explosion.

    Quantum Torpedoes should be "zero point energy" reactions or, like,  a superposition flipper that turns particles into waves or something.  Not more antimatter explosions!

    @DLKeur Shatner, Nimoy, Kelly, Doohan, Nichols, Takei and Koenig for the win! Talk about the "Magnificent Seven!" 

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    And yeah- you might be over thinking this. lol But I'm the same way. Gotta know every detail and if it isn't well thought out I'm usually disappointed. Continuity is king!

  • While I love Piccard as a character, love the actor who played him, Next Gen, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, and that gawd-awful-cubed Enterprise (except for T'Pal) always resorted to making some big, ugly, ongoing, central struggle. I roll eyes at any series that winds up, usually about halfway through, having some central bad guy versus good guy motif inserted. It's worn, unrealistic, and 'cheap' writing. The new set of movies we just watched, Star Trek Beyond, lacks any depth. It's all shoot-em-up and giz-widgetry crises after crises, and the acting is just deplorable. The effects are cool, though.  JMO. Don't hang me.

  • Much improved version @Triem23

    I downloaded your old template and played around with it.....but this is much, much cooler!!

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    @GrayMotion funny thing is some of the shots use the original version! 

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    Preset now available for download at the Preset Digital Marketplace:

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    Awesome. Let the space battles between the Feds and the hostiles begin.

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    @DLKeur Yup. Take the HF2U version (Lightning) and tweak the lightning to have more trunks and branches with some wavescale and twitch, change the colors to blue, increase the radius of the sphere plane and change its cloud colors to blue and black and you're pretty close to V'gers plasma balls! 

  • You know, it's odd that you should mention V'ger. That one ST movie really stuck in my head in an odd, startling way. For one thing, the fact that we did send out Voyager--the one they reference in the film, plus the whole ...feeling of that movie--like a cross between ST and 2001: A Space Odyssey with a little bit of psychedelic mushroom thrown in.

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    @DLKeur Yeah, that movie sticks in my head, too. 

    Too bad Voyager stopped at 2, and we never got to 6.

    Plus the photon torpedo has never looked cooler than in that movie, across the entire franchise. 

  • Wow, i'm new to HF, so these templates and tutorials are a welcome revelation. With the actual spaceship moment, i'm guessing most of that is a 3d camera moving about the scene, but some appears to be 3d model animation of some kind. Also, how do you do the nebula/star field background?

    As for the  science of Trek, I used to think stun guns was so impossible, but now the police carry Tassers. SF writers really are the creators of tomorrows world.


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    @LarryPlane thanks! 

    The Nebula/Starfield is a wraparound background of the Epsilon Eridani system from Babylon 5 run through the Environment Map Viewer (360 video viewer in HFP 2017).For 

    For the model animation both ships and the camera are moving. 

    Shot 1: the camera is static, except for some Y-rotation. The Klingon is moving in a straight line with a bit of Z-rotation. The Fed has a pretty complex movement as it starts moving straight forward, then rotates on the X and Z axes when it turns and dives. 

    Shot 2: From the end of the previous shot, I moved the camera to just in front of the Klingon. It's static camera with Z-rotation. Klingon is just moving in it's straight line, still banking on Z. The Fed now moves in a straight line (with Z-rotation), having finished its turn on the previous shot. 

    Shots 3-5 are repurposed from a previous shot.

    Since the original has the particle nebula, you can see that the camera in the flyby shot (shot 4) is moving in parallel to the Klingon. The Klingon is still just cruising in a straight line. The Fed is doing its little movement dance to set up the kill shot. 

    I tossed this together in an hour or so.  In retrospect it's bugging me I forgot to animate the lights parented to both ship's photon tubes when they fire. 

    The science of Trek was based on sound engineering principles in the 60's. As the franchise continues, technobabble takes over. 

  • But when we will get a transporter? All that pesky waiting at aiports could be at an end! ;)

    Thanks for the breakdown. You ever think of doing a tutorial on this side of things? Animation, parenting lights, use of 360 background?

    No pressure, but the very existence of the universe relies on you doing so.

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    @LarryPlane Yeah, eventually. It's far back in the queue. :-)

    Ok, shot the engagement photos for some friends today (yesterday, but I've not slept yet), and, well... Looks like Hitfilm is going to get a lot of use in later stages of the edits (After the HDR work.)

    Yes, he's a Blue Lantern, she's a Green Lantern, what of it? Hope and Will, working together to build a brighter tomorrow.

  • That looks really good. :)

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