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    Well. Still on the music, still need one ADR line, but I'm posting it. For you guys. 

    Nice thing with Vimeo. I can overwrite with a corrected version. 

    Edit: Rough version deleted. Please see final verson, below.

  • Cracks me up every time :D absolute epic ..

  • Awesome!     The VFX are stellar, sir!

    @Triem23, I see you have achieved the magic number of EP points. 

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    @Stargazer54 I had to look and see what number I gave myself. Just realized in the final version I need to swap Jon and Dave's EP. Jon should be 007 (license to kill) and Dave should be 333 (the Trinity).

    For VFX, what I'm very happy with is my screen replacements. I've never done those before, and, obviously, everything is very handheld and shakey. A choice to challenge myself with difficult tracking and motion blur matching. 

  • @Triem23 - Spectacular!!! The Ferrari looks great - well not any more. lol Great job with the tracking too!!! Remind me not to download the app for that particular game. ;^) I like that you didn't feel the need to reshoot a scene because of the kids in the background.....not that anyone would have noticed even if you did.          

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    @StormyKnight the kids in the background kind of help in some ways. I got lucky the little boy was looking towards me on the low angle past the trap to Jon then runs off on the wide shot.... It's like he just saw someone die... 

    (I was tempted to remove them with a little mocha work, but who wants to take the time?) 

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    I just had 30 min to set 22 mics (and cables) for a 45 piece Orchestra on a 20x30 stage. We set and sound checked in 20 and the program started 5 min early. I'll pat myself on the back for that.

  • @Triem23 finally was able to get here and watched your  "Go Busters" video. Fantastic! Well done all around! Good pacing and comedic timing; it had me laughing.

  • I just had a chance to view "Go Busters". Well done sir!

  • @Triem23 - Now tell me after setting all those mics up that you forgot to hit record. ;^)

    Yeah- I thought the kid might have been planned at first 'cause it does look like he was frightened off.

  • @Triem23 nice little comic short, with some cracking use of VFX. Loved it.

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    Updated final version of Ghostbusters GO! (Since the rough cut was shown, three VFX shots have been altered, logos added, and audio is completely remixed, including one ADR line.

    Parody Short by Triem Visual
    Featuring: Jonathan Conroy and David Franklin
    Directing, Editing, VFX: Michael M. Miller

    Animation and Compositing in: Hitfilm 4 Pro
    Editing and Grading in: Vegas Pro 13
    Camera Tracking and Rotoscoping in: Mocha Pro 3
    Image Editing: Photoshop CS6
    Stock Elements: Action VFX
    Ghostbusters Theme by Ray Parker Jr, arr. 8-Bit Universe

    Pokemon Go! Developed by Niantic
    Ghostbusters is owned by Columbia Pictures.

    This is a parody under Fair Use.

  • nice!

  • Great stuff. When pokemon go was released i was amazed they didnt do something with ghostbusters for real. liked the video

  • Looks so great Triem! :)

  • @Stargazer54 @WishingStaffStudios @KirstieT thanks! 

    @DrFnord your bold "Yes!" tells me my final pass grade and audio edits were worth the extra day. 

    So a couple nights ago a drunken idiot rolled his car up the hill behind our house, missing my wife by 10-15 feet, taking out the adjacent neighbor's backyard and ending up in the far neighbor's yard. There were (thankfully) no injuries, although it was a amusing watching the drunken passenger ignoring the driver and calling his friends as I am dealing with 911 and freeing the driver. It's a four-residence townhouse and vertical supports for upper balconies were taken out, so we'll have to see if any basic structural integrity is compromised. 

    BUT! Now I know what I am going to shoot to test my new Kessler Crane Pocket Jib Traveler. 

  • @Triem23 Wow!   Glad you're all OK!

  • @Stargazer54 well, my dumb ass DID step right on a nail I didn't see while avoiding the nail I DID see a little over an hour ago. :-/ right through the shoe into the ball of my right foot, just inside the big-toe metatarsus. Woke up my wife staggering into the house singing the song of "Ow, ow, ow, >fertilizer<! Ow, ow, >Oedipal<, Ow! (Chorus)  >Blasphemy< Ow! Ow, >Blasphemy<! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! (repeat and Coda)" 

    But, after digging out gunk with a sterile needle, some antibiotic ointment and a band-aid, back to playing with the jib.

    Observations (it's my first jib): a Manfrotto 501 head will cheerfully hold the jib, camera and counterweights, but the protrusions for tripod arms can get in the way of the jib. Since I am lazy and don't feel like removing and replacing tripod heads, I'll probably end up getting this thing it's own sticks. Looking for the lightest, cheapest sticks I can get with a 15lb load capacity that extends above 60". I'll need just a touch more counterweight (5lbs is just enough for the T3i, it's battery grip and a Canon 24-70 2.8 L lens, but the Flex-tilt head will probably require more counterweights), but I have the Kessler tuning weights expected to arrive today. That's gonna do ot. 

    Oh, and I'll need to grab another 3/8" mounting screw so I can put my (previously mentioned)  Edelkrone flex-tilt head on the camera plate. 

    But, starting to get the hang of this sucker. 

    I shot footage night-of with my phone (I ALMOST grabbed my Canon XF305 and a light, but decided to not step on the toes of the freelance newstapers--as a witness I could have cheerfully sold footage AND been interviewed...) and, of course I am jibbing the aftermath. I'll throw up something soonish. 

    Wally and Sandy (neighbors) are going to have really sexy shots for their insurance company. 

  • @Triem23--- no one was hurt too much in the making of the spectacle! (Sorry  to hear the lead singer hurt his hoof; I have sung a variation of  that very same song one time when I let go of an improvised rope swing and landed on an old board with a very rusty nail pointing the wrong way up!) When was the last time you had a tetanus shot by the way?

    Kessler makes some suh-weet equipment!!

    My wish list is snowballing like mad; what with that Osmo camera I've tried not to think about these last few months as well as the new Hit Film and now the latest Keyshot looks pretty amazing!

    Part time at the Home Depot just doesn't pay me enough!

    I do intend to use their Order Picker as a "crane" one of these nights. ;-]

  • Well, I wrote the following almost a week ago and never posted it... 

    @DrFnord I am 95% certain my tetanus booster is up to date, but will risk waiting until Mon to call my primary care provider rather than blow hundreds of dollars I don't have at an ER. (Updated: teatnus booster was current, foot healing nicely

    Unfortunately my wifey and I have both recently parted ways with our regular jobs (she was laid off from her bar for completely BS reasons and I walked from my KJ gig for utterly justifiable reasons... Namely, a friend wrote a negative YELP review about wife's former bar letting her go, and my KJ boss told me I had to 86 him from all karaoke venues. I told the boss he was welcome to impregnate himself...)That, and I have just been stiffed by a client for a $1500 gig.

    The rope swing story... Many sympathies. Ow. 

    Unrelated news. Kaipotainment has released a "Ghostbusters Go!" short. More elaborate than my own take on the topic, but, being Kaipotainment, in three hours he's well over my view count in two months.

    Here's his take on it.

  • Well, all the crappy Karma sure sucks.  When one door closes another opens.  (although it never seems like at the time).   Hang in there man.

    (btw, I like your version better)

  • @Stargazer54 I've left out annoying crappy karma. There's more! But, one just gets on with things and climbs from the hole. 

    I appreciate the "liking mine better." I enjoy what Kaipotainment did, with my favorite gags being his Ghostbuster passing Ashe Ketchum and having S'mores (the one gag that got a snicker from my wife). The only real letdown to Kaipotainment's is using generic stock music. In mine, I think licensing 8-bit Universe's cover of the "Ghostbusters" theme made a huge difference--which is why I was willing to spend that money. 

  • So you gig, huh, @Triem23 ?  Cool.  I absolutely hate setting up.  I was trained classical, and husband, of course, is a rocker. So in the new iteration of performing his arrangements and compositions, of course, he had to insist I mic'd up and warped the sound using effects pedals and harmonizers. So I've had to deal with sound mixing, amplification, condenser mics, feedback, distortion, wah, noise gates, and all the rest. Drives me nutz. Classical musicians have it so easy, I've discovered. I used to just walk on stage, me and my flute.  Now, I have to set up all this "stuff", watch that I don't trip on wires, deal with the wireless transmitter.... 

  • @DLKeur well, not a musician anymore--breaking my right hand three times in a year ended my keyboard playing days, sincr I can now barely bridge a seventh, and my right pinky no longer retracts. In my case "gig" refers to working production video. Much like how anyone in any vaguely artistic field calls any job or booking a "gig."

    I'm going to assume you'll post some performance videos here after you get the next batch edited. :-) 

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    RIP Sonny Daye (Thomas Hawkins) of "Sly, Slick & Wicked."

    "Sly, Slick and Wicked," was a Mowtown group of the 1970's,best known for the songs "Confessin' a Feeling," and, "Tonight's the Night." Justin Timberlake's, "Suit &  Tie" samples their song, "Sho' 'Nuff."

    In 2010, I had the pleasure of shooting Sly, Slick and Wicked  on "Thee Mr. Duran Show." All the members of the band were genuinely nice men, and I did the best that I could in the confines of a very crowded studio to find interesting handheld shots.

  • @Triem23 : Ouch, ouch, ouch. No saving it by a good orthopedic surgeon? Wow. Terrible.  ...And to your question, probably not.  For this bunch, what we do is totally boring with an upper case 'b'. :D

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    @DLKeur probably not. I wouldn't want to pay thousands of dollars to have a doctor rebreak half my hand to try and get things to heal at a better angle. Expensive, painful, and would likely make things worse. 

    Ok, so Action VFX is a purveyor of stock footage (in my opinion the best explosion assets on the market) spun off from the @RodyPolis site. Rodolphe is a long time Hitfilm user who has done some excellent tutorials back in HFU2, and an excellent film maker in his own right.

    Today's Action VFX community blog features "Super Power Beatdown ep 20,"  FxHome's new "REBELLION" short, and my own "Ghostbusters Go!" along with some other excellent work. Check it out! 

    Those are some good shorts to share a shoutout with. 

  • Well... a computer problem that took three days to resolve killed by plans A, B AND C for the Hitfilm Holiday Greeting episode... I had to fall back on a hasty Plan D.

    So here's a test shot for aborted Plan A...

  • That looks sweet.

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