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    nice work triem.

    i see the same bug like i have. mocha wiggles the trackpoints on camera solve... (the dark trail is swimming on the floor like a wiggle effect). how much camera-solve percent?

    and the ferrari seems to fly after explosion

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Solve was about 90%. Mocha warned me I had jumping nulls. Handheld phone video--massive rolling shutter. Ferrari is still on the ground, but I should have had it sag to the front left because of the missing wheel. I'll have to tweak my point rig to make that happen (along with fixing the tire bounce). I need points for the rear tires and FR tire, a counter pivot for the FL Tire, and a sag point.

    What's got me perplexed is why the road damage glow pops into existence. It's part of the same sim as the dark burn, so it makes no sense. 

  • Hmmm @Triem23 only thing that is bugging me in the shot (and I know its a rough cut) is the proton beam is way to high, what the heck was the user standing on!! But then that's me knowing this is meant to be a beam from some sort of device. err the rest of it I like (not the tyre I hate the tyre) - hmmm I need to go into a dark room for a bit. Bad day.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Andy001z sorry you had a bad day. What do you hate about the tire, concept or execution? Would it help if I set it on fire or have it fall over instead of roll out of frame? It'll help a lot when I motion graph keyframes instead of linear and smooth curves. 

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    The model just needs to be light a bit better and control the specti.... $#%@$ ;(What ever controls shininess). Heat distortion and motion blur as well.

    But it's a proof of concept so I didn't really expect to see those atm. I know the final product will be amazing :)

    Curious to know how you animmated the car exploding.... all manual keyframes?

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    Honestly, I'd brighten up the car just a tad and give it a little more specular like the blue car next to it, to blend with the scene a little more.  If you haven't already, maybe a grade layer over the top to bind it altogether?

    Your beam and explosion are great!  Got a nice track, too.

    Not sure if this part of your final, but the motion on the tire on its last bounce seems a little off.  I appears to slow down a little too much.  Momentum should carry it out of the shot a little quicker, I would think.

    Otherwise, most awesome sir!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
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    @TriFlixFilms I imported the model with each geo group selected. This gives me too many animation groups and I will have to re-import the model with just the hood and wheels seperated. 

    The Anchor Point for the model is center of body at ground level. The hood has it's own point where it should swing, and the front left tire has its own point at its center. The model, and hood/tire points are parented to a Pivot which is in line with the rear axle, center. The pivot rotates, tilting the car up and down as it pivot rises and falls this is already giving a decent bounce.

    However, parenting the tire to Pivot was an error. Tire had its own Bounce point to "correct" the "pull" caused by Pivot. Instead, I need to duplicate Pivot (Tire Pivot) so the tire's vertical is seperated from the car. This will make it easier to fix the bounce. I need points for all other tires so the "Shock Absorbers" work (or the car can't sag without the tires sinking into the ground plane). I'll need a "Jiggle" point at the center-of-mass for the car so there can be wiggle on the Z-axis. Jiggle needs to parent to Pivot and everything else parents to Jiggle, except FL Tire which parents to Tire Pivot. 

    So... The lights... I think I found a bug in the lights. Right now it's a directional light, which is giving me a pixilated shadow map. Changing the light to a Point removes this pixellation...

    @Stargazer54 yep, just a tad brighter. Hitfilm needs an "Apply" button in 3D model materials editor. Balancing specularity and reflection is a bit tedious. Take another look at the video and pause at 1 second, right when the first red car leaves frame. That's what I sampled diffuse and specular colors from. The CG car is a little bluer because of the Environment Map tinting things, so I think maybe a couple more points of brightness and saturation to those color values in the materials editor will get me there without changing lights. What would sell the car is a little lens flare parented to the hood and front chome. It's not the brightness that's off, it's not having the flare hotspot. 

  • @Triem23 ; Absolutely.  Jumping back and forth between the object properties, with its own lighting, and then back to the scene with your custom lighting is very time consuming.   Making accurate tweaks that way can drive you nuts.

    Like you said, it would be great if you had some sort of "apply preview" in the properties editor to see what your change would look like in your scene window before hitting OK to commit the change.

  • Being pedantic be careful with the sag to the front of the car. It's a Ferrari not an F150 Raptor so there's only about 4-5 inches of ground clearance anyway. 

    I pretty much agree with everything @Stargazer54 said especially the tire moving out of the shot quicker. The thing I would add is the inside of the tire rim is way too shiny. I know that's not really an easy fix but having it move out of shot faster would help hide the pristine inside surface.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Well--one of my actors had a family emergency, so I'll have to reschedule my shoot. I guess this means I can do second pass at this test shot? Try the new rig out, see if I can figure out what's going on with the "popping" glow layer.

  • @Triem23 sorry 'Hate' bit strong, I disliked the tyre. On 2nd and 3rd look it pretty good, the angle and size all look good, the roll on the floor ok, hmmm I don't know, Ill mull it over some more. One note I did think today, to make the car look more in the scene, maybe duplicate the light reflection that is on the back of the blue car, might sell it more.

    Otherwise it's good, beyond my capabilities.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Andy001z did you catch Simon's final tutorial on realistic lighting in Hitfilm? Very helpful tutorial. The only thing I'm doing differently from Simon is my ground plane is a white plane set to multiply mode instead of a projectorscreen--I used the projector idea for object placement since it makes it easy to see when something's going "underground" but a white shadow plane set to multiply mode is a faster render.

    The car is looking better now--as predicted most of it was raising the brightness and saturation of the Diffuse color with a few more points of light intensity. What I'll have to do is take the car out of 3D Unrolled and mask it through the explosion instead. That way I can add a 1px, 1 iteration blur, which will really match it to the blur of the camera phone footage. By copying the explosions, Camera and Car to another Composite Shot and Tinting the Explosions to Black and using a duplicate car model with all materials set to white, I have have a 3D unrolled comp which makes an occlusion matte for a 2D final comp.

    Now re-rigging the car for it's bouncing. That should let me fix the tire roll.

  • For another opinion - I know you didn't ask, but... ;) - the tyre didn't seem to act like it was really heavy enough and the words that sprang to mind when I saw it bounce was: 'foam rubber'.  It seemed to lack momentum from the blast. 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Palacono ; if someone posts a rough, they're askin'. You're Absolutely right. The tire bounce wasn't very good.

    I've got the car re-rig competed and tested. It went from four points to nine, but now I should have a better "bounce" of the whole car and a better roll off of the tire.

    I should have another version up soon. It'll still have the same wonky track. Just getting materials and rigging ready before shooting the actual skit.

  • @Palacono @Triem23 Yep he nailed it that was the bounce... of course. Can't wait to see the next version.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    The VERTICAL of the bounce is now looking really good (Manual Bezier keys ftw--this would be impossible in HF3P), but the horizontal movement isn't there yet. 

    Great thing about 3D... Once I shoot the real footage I should just be able to lift the rig from this test shot and drop it into the real shot. Same with the proton stream. 

  • Very cool! 

    Looking forward to the "real footage".

  • @Triem23 - Nice preliminary car vid! I did not expect it to explode quite that I jumped ever so slightly. ;^) Can't wait to see the final!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @StormyKnight Thanks!

    OK, for a sad note. RIP "Big Manny" Gonzalez. Here's the Big Manny Band playing "Gloria" at a fundraiser a couple of years ago.

    Since this is a video forum, I'll note that this fundraiser started 30 minutes earlier than advertised. One of my cameras was in 4:3 from another project, and, when they started on us, that's the cam I handed to my auxiliary op... How much fun did *I* have cropping 8 hours of 4:3 to 16:9 and reframing in post? Only for the original files to be lost... The original file drive got corrupted in a hacker attack, the first backup drive failed, and the second backup drive is MIA (It's buried SOMEHWERE).  :-/ So all I had to upload was a low-quality test I'd sent to my own phone.

    Big Manny was a hell of a showman, and whenever we shot him, whether at a live event, or for TV, we always gave Manny our A-Game and tried to make him look as good as he sounded. Miss you, man.

  • @Triem23 certainly looked the entertainer, good singer too. Shame about the footage, so annoying when shit like that happens.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator


    Yeah, Manny really could work the room. What was really nice about that performance is that Manny had recently left his record label, and the video of that set is what he was using to shop himself around. He got signed by a different label based on that performance. Always nice when your work can help someone else out. 

    The corrupted files might be recoverable. I have someone working on that HDD. I think the output renders are truly toast, but the camera files and EDLs might be ok, in which case it's just a case of re-rendering everything. The memorial is Fri and I am trying to get the set recovered for the memorial.

    I found out that night was Manny's favorite of all the times he was filmed. Probably because we had two handhelds, and I post-edited my lock shot for some motion to get a really active, rough, energetic "rock concert" feel. Normally when we'd shoot Manny in-studio it was two tripods and one handheld (trying to stay out of frame). Since I was producer for the fundraiser video, I got to shoot how *I*wanted to. Manny (and 5 of the other 7 acts) gave us kickass performances to film, there was a good crowd, audio mixed everything balanced, and it just came together nicely. 

  • Looks like that was a fun shoot!  Good variety of shots.

    Here's to hoping you're able to recover files.  Cheers!

  • @Triem23 I really like what you did and I'm sorry to hear Manny is gone because I know I would've enjoy seeing him. 

  • @Triem23 ---Hope you were able to get it recovered for the memorial.

    Some great shots there. Sounds like you needed a Murphy's Lawyer on retainer for every step of the  project!

    So glad you were able to pull something together even if it wasn't what you were striving for and sorry to hear about Manny.

    I'm assuming this is the project you mentioned in response to my post about our 2 cameras set at different aspect ratios/resolutions.

    Still struggling with the quality on our project but am getting happier with recent results (not yet posted). You have inspired me to start  experimenting with Atomic Particles.

    Thanks for sharing once again!


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Stargazer54 @Aladdin4d @DrFnord Yes, the data has been recovered. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a re-render for the memorial. Issues installing BCC 8 on my current machine, and this particular fundraiser used--you guessed it--a lot of BCC. Oh well.

    DrFnord yes, this is that exact project, If you were to rewatch, the Stage Right (or Audience Left) handheld camera was set to 4:3 and had to be reframed in post. Unfortunately this kind of screws up what Shaggy John shot. There are bits where, for example, it's mostly a guitar shot with one awkward sliver of jawline in frame. Shaggy  had Manny framed from top of head to bottom of guitar and I had to crop it down.

    Observation: Sometimes forgetting to shoot your cleanplate means six hours of post because you didn't take thirty seconds on set....

  • Love ALL your work and sharing of the rough cuts Triem23

  • Well, I'd hoped to post something a bit different today... An actual short film with actual plot, but license negotiations for the music are taking longer than I thought....

    So, maybe next week. 

  • Look forward to it.

  • Me as well.

  • It's actually amazing how Triem pieced this all together, you're going to love it  

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