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Being a bit paranoid, I expect Hard drives to fail and I also do not expect OEMs to use top self components in budget applications.  So.. since my current machine is 2 years old, I felt it was a good time to be proactive.  I cloned the  2TB Seagate C: drive in my ASUS M51AC to a 2TB WD Black.  All is well machine, boots up faster and responds a bit faster. The down side.  The WD 2TB Black is noisy.  So if anyone does live audio near their tower, the WD 2TB Black may not be a good choice.


  • Are you saying that the noise of the WD drive spinning in normal use is louder than the Seagate was?

    I've not personally noticed any drive being much different from any other in terms of sound - so maybe I should check out the manufacturer's specs for noise levels for my next drive -  but I can understand if they're both in there, because you then have the cumulative effect of the noise made by both drives.

    Is is mounted securely? Did you move anything else in there to change the airflow, any cables vibrating, etc.?

  • I have a 4TB Seagate in my PC, when it was in an external Thunderbolt enclosure it was very noisy with a lot of vibration, I could feel it spinning when my hand was on my desk, but when I installed inside my PC, it made almost no noise, mainly because the beQuiet case I have have noise reduction foam and rubber padding for the hard drive.

    Maybe if you do a little research you could find some ways to dampen the noise.

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    @Palacono  To answer you first question.  The Seagate was inaudible.  The WD  is mounted securely, I googled this issue to see if it was just me and it is not.   I'm going back in to add more memory next week so I may get some longer screws and some rubber.    I think the case amplifies the problem.  When the drive was in the USB cradle during the Cloning  It was quieter. 

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    That's a bit worrying, anything that's vibrating when it spins is fundamentally unbalanced, so will put more wear on the bearings, leading to quicker failure.

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    It is not the spin it's the read write. The spin is dead silent.

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    If it was failing, you would notice slow downs when using it. Windows also displays a warning message if it's experiencing any problems reading or writing.

    The only time Windows won't give you this message, would be if it went from healthy to non healthy instantly, as in physically harming it, or accidentally dropping your PC, or shaking it while it's reading or writing.

    There are also several tools to check for any damaged sectors, as well as  it's health displayed in %.

    The Red drives are quiet, Black are loud in comparison.

  • Thanks @ Kevin The Filmmaker.  The drive is clearly audible during the read and writes. This seems to be the Norm with 2TB WD Black.  I have a 4TB coming this week so I will know if it's as loud as the 2TB.  I just wanted to give a heads up to anyone who may be using their desktop to record VO's etc in close proximity.  They may find the read write noise obtrusive.  My other 2 TB black's  are in a open air Disk bay so the sounds are not amplified by the Tower case.   I do not use my PC to record audio so  the sound not an issue with me.  I chose Black due to the 7200RPM vs the 5400 RPM of the RED.

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    I can hear my WD Blue right now, I'm 5 feet away from it, ear height. My floor fan at (1) is enough to muffle it, so it's not loud at all, but it's there when it's working.

    The Black drives are built for performance, so it has to be louder, it's working harder than my Blue drive for instance.

    To be honest, unless it's a live recording, it should be very easy to remove the noise the drive makes in post, as long as you let the recording run for a couple of seconds before you start talking.

    Forgive my ignorance. You're probably closer to 20 dB than I am...

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    AS a clarification, My tower is right next to my main monitor.  If silence was an issue I could move it far enough away.

    My original post was only to point out that the WD2TB Black may exceed some folks noise threshold.

  • @BobDiMarzio - Is the noise like an electronic 'creaking' varying in pitch and length?

    I had a 4TB Seagate HDD go bad within months of initial use. Had to swap it for a refurb one that is so quiet any other noise in the room drowns out any noise it makes- if any. That's just in a metal case- no noise buffers. Strange they send refurbs when you buy them new. Why can't I get another NEW one? Huh.

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    @StormyKnight  The noise is the normal read write sound.  After I re- tightened the screws it diminished a bit..  But it's still louder than Seagate.  My 4TB is not as loud.    It's not LOUD like I have to turn up the TV it's loud like I would not want the Jiggada Jiggada in the background of my VO's.

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