What's the difference between 3 Express and 4 Express?

Any list so I can read the difference between 3 Express and 4 Express?


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    They're both free? Oh, wait... that's not a difference.

    No, I've got it. They're both free. Yep, that's the one.

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    So NOTHING new was added to Express 4, no core updates/changes, no new effects etc, Express 3 vs Express 4 are 100% identical in every way, so the only change was changing the 3 into a 4?

  • I think the point is...who cares! Version 4 is free! If you bought any packs for 3 they still work in 4! No reason to not use V4 over V3!

    Here are a couple of older threads that may have some info useful for whatever it is you want.



  • I really wanted to say, "Everything on the thread titled HitFilm Wishlist was implemented as features in HF4." Haha

    But @NormanPCN actually did share some good links with everything you're probably needing to know.

  • Maybe nothing has changed but maybe things we don't see probably stability bugs have also probably been worked out in glad I came back to hitfilm I had problems exporting videos back in the day with hitfilm but turns out I didn't set my profile to high and ratio to 5.1 I love hitfilm and I'll always recommend it

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    To copy/paste myself:

    I don't have a comprehensive list yet, but your main new features include:

    • new audio effects--reverb, echo, flanger, doppler shift, audio stretch, etc 
    • New Rate Stretch tool for video--easier than the unintuitive Speed effect. 
    • Some new effects include Lens Flares, Lightning and Caustics. 
    • Some new options in add-on packs, including Pro Denoise. 
    • Manual Bezier/Motion graph keyframes. This lets you animate accelerations and motion in ways literally  impossible to do in 3 Express.
    • Auto targeting layers--orientation of lights, assets and cameras to a selected layer or point. This can literally cut down camera moves that would take over an hour to set up in 3 EXPRESS to about a minute. 

    Along with hundreds of minor tweaks, adjustments and enhancements. Quad Warp is enhanced, there are new ways to navigate 3D space, more keyboard shortcuts, more control of things like shadow maps. 

    I'm sure if staff were to type up a comprehensive list it would run to hundreds of changes. 

    If you purchased any add-ons for 3 Express, they will work in 4 Express, so, really there's no reason to not upgrade. 

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      A user on my HitFilm tutorial was asking me what the difference is, so I wanted to answer him but I didn't know the answer.

    Thanks everyone.

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    @Yeremeyah the really important changes are the Manual Bezier keyframes/Value Graph and Auto-Align layers. Those are the really fundamental changes, and they allow animation options impossible to do in Hitfilm 3. Everything else is gravy. 

  • Thanks @Triem23 :)

    I just copied your comments into my tutorial messages and credited your name.

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