Adobe adding ProRes to Windows versions of CC


  • If you can afford to pay the licensing fees, these things like Prores, DNxHD/HR are easy to add native to your app. As always it just comes down to $$$.

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    Or, if you really need ProRes that badly, ProRes is an export option in the latest versions of ffMpeg. Can't speak for every software package that uses ffMpeg as its transcoding backbone, but one open source package that I use to do just that (export ProRes 4444 from image sequences on Linux for archival purposes) is ShotCut, which is available for Windows and Linux. Paid options that will do this include MyFFmpeg and ClipToolz Convert (although I don't remember if ClipToolz does it with ffMpeg or requires you to already have QuickTime on your system).

    Other than that, there are tutorials on various ffMpeg user forums on how to do it in the CLI.

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  • Pencilandinc - yah, I've been doing exactly that myself for a while now, using the Avanti frontend for ffmpeg to transcode to ProRes on Win7 for editing. Been pretty happy with the results.

  • Cliptoolz uses ffmbc/ffmpeg for all input and output. Cliptoolz can be "free" if you keep using the trial version. For light use it should be too annoying.


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