Paper weight or go for it? (Closed)

Ran across a friend that gave this to me. I was just going to wipe the drive and see if maybe anyone else wanted it. Then I started thinking (add smoke cloud here).... If I could take the load off my cheaper laptop by tossing a good power supply, a good graphics card, and maybe a SSD later on would it actually handle Hitfilm 4 Pro and run at least as it does on my laptop if not better. ( ) which only upgrade was to 8 gig of ram. And it runs smooth till it gets to particle simulations then it gets a bit iffy.

So do ya think it is worth it to dedicate the freebie desktop to such a task of Hitfilm and things like Blender? Or should I dump dirt inside it and use it as a flower pot? :P


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    That A4 3400 CPU is 16 euro here in Sweden, so I think it's below the minimum requirements for HitFilm.

    My CPU the A8 5500 is right at minimum possible I believe, and that's 80 euro. 

    That's my logic when judging requiremnents. xD

  • KevinTheFilmmaker yeah I am on the fence cause the processor can easily be upgraded at least to a AMD A8-3850 (Liano) quad core, but it is still a FM1 socket and thats about all the board will handle. And they are relatively cheap as well.

    Thanks for the input.

  • Wait for the others, I don't want to spread misinformation. You could always try install the free version of Windows and install HitFilm then try it? It won't ask for a key for 30 days.

  • KevinTheFilmmaker yeah only problem with that is no graphics card at the moment. Just processor so I doubt it will run Hitfilm without the graphics card as the processor gpu I don't believe is supported by Hitfilm. Ehhh just tossing out ideas and gathering input. Being lazy trying to cut down on time researching. LOL

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    @FlyingBanana78 Not a big fan of AMD.   Been burned one too many times when high performance applications run into a snag with it.  Intel all the way.

    But @KevinTheFilmmaker has a good idea.  You just need to find a friend willing to loan you a graphics card.   If HF fires up and runs with a decent card you might be in business.   But the ram limitation might get ya.

    However, if you have to buy new parts anyway to outfit the box then you might as well just buy and mobo and processor while you're at it and be done with it.

  • That's a very good idea. Connect it to your LAN and use it as a NAS. I'm not that network savvy, but because I can transfer files back and forth between 2 PC's already, both connected to the same LAN, I'm assuming it'll work for you as well!

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