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  • Yes, thats a lot..... :) nice. Good work

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    As I said on YouTube, This will be very useful for beginners, a lot of people will find the tutorials extremely helpful!~

    Also a cheeky hint, HitFilm's YouTube channel should favourite the videos in a list. 

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    @FilmTech actually, when I do the tutorial dump, it'll be a massive first dump, rather than a trickle. (New channel too.) 

    You launch with a lot because now you have a reason for people to stay and browse. Now you can add piecemeal. 

  • Thanks, Triem. Much appreciated.

  • Quicktips - -That is an AWESOME idea!!!!  When I need a refresher on how to do a specific thing, a quicktips approach will fit the bill perfectly - LOVE it!!


  • Thanks all. Here is a new video on Keyframing with 3D models and how to create a 'Fly By' past the camera.

  • Wonderful ,thanks ~

    I don't even have the software yet 


  • Wow - what a great collection! Thanks for creating and sharing all of these @FilmTech, they will be super useful for thousands of users.

  • @FilmTech thanks for those, my YouTube watching time has just gone up some!!

  • I like your tutorials, but I preferred the old intro style. It looks a lot more professional and to the point.

  • @kevinthefilmmaker

    Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking of changing it to something more cinematic and making a tutorial out of it. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone :D

  • @FilmTech - Thanks for the tips and tuts! I definitely picked up some tidbits here and there. Good stuff!

  • Here's the latest video but I would just like to say thank you for 100 subs, this channel is growing faster than my main one :P

  • Great tutorial, I like the new intro graphics, but I think it might benefit from more appropriate 'action' music with it, ditto the outro.

    Also, as in Josh and Kirstie's instructions om YouTube success:, Hit 'em with a few seconds of the result for the hook, then into the Intro (with it's own music), then the tutorial, wrap it up with the result again (longer?) then the outro.

  • @PalaconoAlright I will keep this in mind when making the next tut.

    Thanks for the advice.

  • Your work continues to shine, thanks for taking the time to share.

  • This one is more of a general filmmaking one rather than Hitfilm.

  • @FilmTech Watched a few of your vids last night on my HD Telly, (liked them all) but one tip I think your framing / borders is off a bit, unlike the Hitfilm Channel tutorials which played without any border loss, your lost some of the edge, as if it was bigger than the display. Might just be my telly, but odd how the Hitfilm ones and others worked.

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    Very Nicely done. :) Looks good, hangs together well and useful information. I really ought to use the white balance card trick, although I usually find something white in the scene at some point. ;)

    Keep an eye on those typos: amature/amateur, wont/won't, apeture/aperture etc. and for my preference the dolly shot would have been about half that speed.

    For some reason I took a major dislike to the letter 'R' in the text. It looks like it comes from another font entirely (and a horrible one, at that). I also suspect I would dislike the letter 'K'. But that's just me. :D

  • @Palacono Sits in a group of people, each looking nervous, the group leader looks at around at the faces sitting in the cirucle. "So who would like to start telling us about their letter issues, Palacono maybe you?" ;)

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    @Andy001z, Oh, don't even get me started on the Adlib (or Incite, or a few others that are 99% ripofs off each other) font, which is always used for 'wacky' movies, 'kids' products or about half of Disney's output. It's like Comic Sans, only worse....

    Anyway...Nice thread...Oops.

  • This one is probably more useful for all the gaming channels out there. 

    This is just a basic concept and isn't very in depth.

  • A highly requested tutorial on text animation for beginners.

  • @TheFilmTech The selection just keeps getting better and better :) We've found so many people asking us for gaming tutorials - there are thousands of aspiring gamers out there looking to jazz up their YouTube channel, so I'd say if you've got some quick tips for them and be sure to stuff it with keywords, it could be a popular one. 

    I've taken a look at your tutorials so far and it looks like you're doing well setting up a channel that will thrive under the YouTube algorithm. Your titles are good (remember the first three words are most important) and your description expands on that. Having HitFilm 4 Express in there too is important as lots of people are searching for software specific tutorials. I'm assuming you're filling it full of keywords too, but I can't see those of course. 

    The only thing I don't see on your channel is a person on your thumbnails. The current ones you have are great and eye catching, but YouTube has always maintained that the click through rates and watch time of YouTube episodes where the thumbnail has a face on it, is far higher than one without. Psychology 101 - we've evolved to detect eye contact - people unconsciously are drawn to things with a friendly face on the front. 

    If you're not keen on putting your own face on there, perhaps consider putting faces in your example shots. Just a thought, from one YouTuber to another. The YouTube creator academy is super useful if you want more information as well!

  • Nice simple text animation.Would be good to see your take on Boris 3d Text in Hitfilm. Something I continue to struggle making it look good.

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    Nice, as we get so many questions about text, first question as a new user would probably have been: "How do you get it to rotate around the text centre, as that offset centre point looks a bit weird?"

    A quick adjustment of the Anchor Point would have shown how to move that point about, although because text is weird, you then have to adjust the position again, because you have no other control over that box... :(

    I create all my Text boxes as big as the screen with the origin in the centre, and the text centre justified. Saves a lot of messing about later ;)

  • @KirstieT Thanks for the support and advice it means a lot.

    @Andy001z I might do a tutorial on it although I haven't used it much so it might take some time to get used to.

    @Palacono That's actually a good idea, I never thought about that. 

    Two text features I wish we had was autocorrect and snapping. Although snapping can apply for everything.

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