Will someone fix the forum software please?

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For the last few days, anyone without a custom Avatar has the defaults that were chosen at random when we signed up, replaced by either their name being repeated, or a blank.

I miss my default, random avatar. :)


  • I am sorry to hear that.  You ok?  Need a hug? ;)

  • SimonKJonesSimonKJones Moderator

    I haven't noticed that happening - what browser are you using?

  • OMG, It's just me, isn't it? Doh! What a poopy head I am.

    I added Ghostery to my browser (Firefox) and it's because it has 'Social Media' trackers blocked that the default avatars don't appear.

    Weirdly selective though that it affects only those. Yours, Axels, Triems etc. are all visible.

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