Black Screen at end of film?

Hi, I have Hitfilm 4 express and after I've finished and downloaded my film, all audio and video cut, I will play it and after my video ends, it doesn't stop until 5 minutes even though my video and audio only last 1. Any suggestions?


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    @crazyquail when editing in Hitfilm the "In and Out" points for the Editor timeline default to five minutes apart. My guess is that you exported your Editor Timeline with "Work Area" selected and not "Content Area."

    Two ways to fix that--in the Export settings either change the output area from "Work Area" to "Content Area," OR, in the Editor Timeline, go to the first frame and hit "I" on your keyboard, then go to the fram AFTER your last frame and hit "O" on your keyboard. This will define the In/Out points--the Work Area--of the timeline to the length of your video.

  • really helpful my head was going mad and u helped me really nice

  • when i press i and o it does not do anything how do u go in the export settings>?



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    @AmPtGlitch Perhaps reviewing this will help:

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