Jet Flyover VFX Shot w/ Breakdown

I'd appreciate any feedback you guys have on this. It took me 3 months of on-and-off work, and I rendered out over 20 tests trying to get it right. Also, as doing a tutorial on the whole thing would be impossible, please let me know if there are specific things in the video you would like to learn (ocean texture, jet animation/lighting, water spray, etc.) Thanks!


  • You sure you want feedback?

    OK, I'll start gently. :D

    Why is such a relatively large plane apparently being buffeted about like a much smaller one? It should be pretty steady, as there is no indication you're flying into a hurricane.

    Also a little too much camera shake for my taste.

  • @inScapeDigital The only thing I'd suggest is to use another particle texture rather than the  'flame' closest to the sea bed but other than that, Pretty f###ing Ace :) 

  • @Palacono Well it seems that 30 minutes before the plane took off, a huge alien spaceship entered the Earth's atmosphere, 30 minutes later and the spaceship made it's way closer to sea level,  it's engines seem to be kicking up some horrendous winds and splashes of water. :) 

  • SimonKJonesSimonKJones Moderator

    The plane itself, the environmental surroundings, the lighting etc are all really great. The water and particle kick-up are less successful - I think this is a situation where HitFilm's particle simulator perhaps wasn't the best tool for the job (or, at least, the sole tool). This feels like it would have benefited from some actual water sim of some kind, because everything looks a little smokey rather than fluidy.

    If this shot was reimagined with the plane at a somewhat higher altitude, still flying over the lake and the same environment, but 100ft off the ground, it'd work really, really well. It's the interaction with the water surface which lets it down.

    All that said, there's a lot of very cool techniques on show here. As an animatic, for instance, this would be super useful.

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    It looks very sytlized, almost like Avatar (The good one).

    The fact that I didn't like Avatar is subjective, and Avatar was a succesfful movie so with that said...

    Your composite was impressive and succesfful, just not my cup of tea. The water looked a bit more 'fake' than 'stylized.'

    Great work thougj, if youre proud of it thats all that matters.

  • @inScapeDigital - I have to agree with a couple other comments about the water trails not quite looking right. On that one point I would say with the right look it would be very successful. The camera shake didn't bother me but the airplane motion was a little much- I too would think it would fly a little more stabile especially due to it's weight and speed.

    @NXVisualStudio - I can confirm that. I took some video of the whole incident but it mysteriously erased itself from the SD card!!!!

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    @inscapedigital Have to say the jet movement on this is now looking much more real like (well to me anyway). Like the camera move at the end.

  • I thought that was clouds, but now they ruined the effect for me. Now I see the problem as well. :D

    I'm so amazed by how good this looks. People would NOT complain about this if it was a shot in a Hollywood movie, I think it's incredible!

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    The video is absolutely great @inScapeDigital, but what ruines it are the particles, go for something smaller and simple, preferably something like a smoke sprite or something, and up the particle count depending on the size of your particle. Preferably, the smaller the more believable. Also ramp up the speed of the particles and make sure the motion blur is doing a good job of selling the effect, then you've created a modern day scene version of the star wars episode 7 X-wing entrance scene!!!

    Export time and performance will be a drawback but will be worth it

  • SimonKJonesSimonKJones Moderator

    The other thing which I didn't put my finger on earlier is that it looks like you're add or screen blending some of the particles, which is why they're blooming out and looking over-exposed, especially once the camera comes around to the front.

    As water isn't self-illuminated (unlike, say, fire) it shouldn't really be as bright. You'll get highlights bouncing off it extensively from the sun, of course, but you wouldn't get the big blow-out.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Javert, check out this tutorial fir some spectacular particle water tips. Since Hitfilm doesn't have an effect quite like CC Glass, use Chromenator or Caustics instead.

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