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So I was just wondering if anyone knows how this effect was done and if something like it can be done in HF4P? I know there's a break in the shot which probably does more for the effect since it cuts away and then back when it's almost finished changing.....specifically, I'm referring to the white sculpture/picture thingy.

For some reason youtube isn't letting this start at 24 secs which is where the thingy is.


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    Press "Share" and choose the starting time, and they'll give you the link to it. :-)

    To me, it looks like it's clay or something, and they animated parts of it? Not sure. Do you have the blu-ray? There is often a lot of breakdowns/behind the scenes on the discs.

  • @KevinTheFilmmaker - I did the share thing but it's either not working with IE 11 or it's the work computer again. The thing has so many quirks I wish they'd toss off a building somewhere.

    Don't have the blu-ray but I can try a google search and see if there's any specific breakdown. It does look like clay but it wouldn't surprise me if the whole thing is CG.

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    What a fail, well not sure how to give you the link then

    Yeah it wouldn't surprise me either. It's probably clay the size of our hand but increased scale of it or something hah!

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    Looks like a reverse swirl effect with blur

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    Taken from a website called visual effects headquarters 

    "The movie concludes with dozens of bluescreen composites and digitally composited fire and pyrotechnic elements. Interestingly, the ghostly statues that come to life behind Pacino were actually actors filmed in front of a bluescreen underwater. This lent to the flowing, graceful, almost hypnotic movement of the statues. For the most part, the overall composites were crisp, especially the fire composites."

    I don't know if this is the same shot we are talking about as I've not seen the film

  • Thanks for the input guys! I couldn't find anything more specific other than what GodofThunder found. Only that some critiques said the effect was clunky in it's start and stop motion, which I have to agree, but given the time period when the effect was done, 1997, it's still pretty impressive.

    My initial thought on this was to start with an image already swirled. The director would like several images to swirl and morph into another image. It's going to be tricky but I think I can come up with something he'll be happy with..........I hope.

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