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Hey guys,


I have all of these packs on my computer hard drive already, and so far I'm pleased with the results.

These are all WAVE files (.wav).




  • Awesome! Great find.

  • That is a great find, and the blog section is a good read. The first blog entry about how sound makes a scene is very cool, and worth a watch to remind us all that visuals alone does not make a movie.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for the links, guys!

    Just as a side note, there's an elevator where I work that makes some creaking metal noise. When slowing the recording down it sounds like a big ship (starship or ocean liner or large building) starting to rip/fall apart. I love trying to collect my own SFX but there are some you just can't get, for whatever reason, so having a large library to choose from is the best.

  • Their blog is great. To everyone who says it's easy to mix sound effects, show them that "Everest" video. :D

    That's very cool @StormyKnight ;

  • @KevinThefilmaker I know, the amount of sound layering in there is impressive, really goes to show that sound is so important.

  • Guys anyone else had trouble with the "Email sent to your email" verification on this site, I have tried three times to two different accounts and I am getting nothing.

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    It took me 5 minutes (for comparison, Google takes 5 seconds) to receive the e-mail. They will send you your personal link which then unlocks all the downloads.

    Try whitelisting:

    They're also running a giveaway right now which is free to enter,


    Hopefully I was helpful @Andy001z

  • When I import some to HFP they weren't going properly so I missed out on quite a few files :( Going to try to redownload when I get home...

  • @Kevinthefilmaker It worked to my google account just hit in the promotions folder DOH!!!

  • @TriFlixFilms

    I have not tried them in HitFilm yet, but I'm assuming it should just work because it's a .wav, unless it's more to it than that inside, I have no idea. I'm trying to figure out how to do sound design in Reaper after using Audacity for so many years......... :(

  • I know most people look down on Garageband, but the results I got were fast and to be honest... nearly perfect. Wish there was a PC equivilent that would allow me to import my Garageband Presets for vocals and voice overs

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    Hey guys,

    Quick update/BUMP. They have now added a new free pack called *Static. 

  • FREE stock footage, action music and LOW PRICED hi-quality sound effects!

  • Added a new SFX pack




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    Added a new SFX pack

    Doors and Window

  • @BobDiMarzio Anytime, they keep making amazing stuff! 

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