Thanks for all the fish

I have news! After 14 exciting and crazy years here at FXHOME/HitFilm, I’m venturing out into the wilds to do other things. Having worked here for most of my adult life, this is kind of a big deal for me.

Seeing the community grow and evolve in my time here has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Whether it’s Sam and Niko heading off to form Corridor Digital, or Matt Plummer forging a career as a pro VFX artist, or AJ going from Blade fan films to being a sought-after DoP - it’s always a thrill, and I can already see newer users around today who will be The Next Big Thing in a decade’s time. You guys are why all of us do this.

Meanwhile, over here in the offices in the UK, it’s been a pleasure working alongside seriously talented people. From Josh’s impossible-until-we-did-it ideas to the most efficient and creative software and web devs on the planet, this is a company that’s always trying something new. As comms manager I worked most closely with the other marketing dudes, of course, all of whom I’ll miss hugely.

Seriously, it’s not every day you get a marketing department that puts the users’ welfare above sales. But that’s how this place works.

BUT! This isn’t a full-on goodbye from me. You don’t get rid of me that easily. HitFilm is too exciting a movement for me to just disappear - so you’re likely to see me popping up in the community in a non-staff capacity. That’s right: I’m going to be one of you. This is an excellent twist of events for me, as it means I can make outrageous feature requests without having to do any work myself.

For anybody who is interested, I shall be heading over to the Writer’s Centre here in Norwich, an organisation which works to promote UK writers - possibly the only cause worthy of challenging my love of the indie filmmaking scene.

You’re all awesome.

(I’ll still be here as an employee until the end of the month)



  • Well good luck to you Sir, you tones and tips on the Video's will be missed from the offical Hitfilm channel. I have learn't a tone from you and found your instructions always clear and we paced.

    Writing seems to be your clear other passion and so all the best with that exciting if not challanging direction.

    Thanks for all the help


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    I'm sure that wasn't an easy decision to make, but I'm certain you will find success and satisfaction in your new endeavor. I'm also certain the FxHome team knows what they're losing and hates to see you go. But a company built and run on passion won't begrudge you yours,  and wish you nothing but the best. 

    Hopefully you'll still pop up with the occasional guest tutorial. Axel is awesome, but who's gonna fill the gap? 

    Thanks for the lessons.I'm sure we'll still get nuggets of wisdom from you as a "mere peon."

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    Well, knock me down with a feather.

    You're going to leave a huge, gaping, cavernous, weeping hole behind you, so the very best of luck, and do come back and boast about your inevitable successes - although they'll probably be front page news somewhere. :D

    Those giant clown shoes are going to be very hard for someone else to fill. :(

  • It's us that should be thanking you for all the fish!

    You've been a real inspiration on my HitFilm learning journey, thank you so much.

    Enjoy your new horizons!

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    @SimonKJones   Wow! Sad and exciting news all in one!

    I agree with @efolve.  It is us who should be thanking you for sharing your knowledge and grace under fire.  You will missed here, friend!

    All the best for the future!

  • I'm not crying.... I've got something in my eye...

    all the very best!

  • You'll be  missed. Nuff said.

  • Wow. Talk about a gut punch! You'd better make sure you stick around the forums. Your knowledge (and your humor) is invaluable.

    But good luck with your new endeavor. I have no doubts that you will do excellent work there.

    Take care!

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    :( don't go! 

    No more well spoken tutorials that almost certainly were driven by copious amounts of twinings extra strong British tea, anyone else doing them will be like English breakfast! Edit;  This is a reference to British accent and not the ability to produce good tutorials ;)

    What ever you decide in the end, I hope it works out for you, it's well deserved chap, I'll be sure to make sure you have a guest spot on the new site if you plan selling future books/Ebooks,

    Gunna miss you mate. 

  • Thank you for everything, Simon. Sad to see you go.

  • All the best Simon and thanks for all your knowledge

  • Best of luck to you Simon.  We will miss you greatly as a member of the Hitfilm staff.

  • Congratulations Simon, I hope you stick around the Forums. You've been a great contributor to everything HitFilm stands for and I wish you luck on your future endeavors.

  • It's sad to see you go. I have learned so much from your tutorials :)

    It would be pretty cool to see you with Coridor Digital though :D

  • SimonKJonesSimonKJones Moderator

    Thanks for all the lovely comments, everyone! Very much appreciate it.

    I definitely intend to stick around on the forums, and I may even sling out the occasional unofficial mini-tutorial on my own channel. Maybe I'll have the time to cover some of the weird, niche stuff that only die-hard Babylon 5 fans will find interesting. :P

    @triem23 - guest spots would be awesome! But the show will be fantastic regardless when you've got people like Kirstie, Josh and Axel making videos.

  • @SimonKJones Babylon 5 fan right here!! Loved the CGI in that show. Wasn't it a bunch of Amiga 4000's generating that stuff?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Andy001z Seasons 1 and 2. Seasons 3-5 on DEC Alphas. Then there's the tragic story of how Foundation got manuvered off the show. 

    My 2'nd and third shots ever in Hitfilm had Starfuries

  • SimonKJonesSimonKJones Moderator

     Let's not get into the even more tragic story of why none of the VFX shots were rendered in 16:9.

    The artistic quality of the VFX took a nosedive after Foundation left, which was a real shame.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Foundation is a long, tragic story. Netter being too cheap to buy a $5000 monitor is a short, tragic story. 

  • @SimonKJones I know... what were they thinking... $$$$ most likely.

  • SimonKJonesSimonKJones Moderator

    Hmm, I'm now thinking that a tutorial recreating a classic B5 shot but with modern (HitFilm) tech could be cool.

  • @SimonKJones oohhhhh first in the queue for that one Simon.

    PS: Saw your tweet article on 'Feeling the chill' I am so with you on that one, sometimes one does consider the ramifications of a response.

  • :( I will miss you... hope to see you in the forums and occassional cameo on the show .

  • Sadly my B5 DVD's got the rot. Basically same spot on all discs. Episode 3-4 each disc.

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    I saw the title of this thread, and even though I know the reference, I wasn't expecting this kind of news. Congrats on the new gig! And I too would like to thank you for all your help and knowledge that you have imparted to myself and more importantly to this community over the years. You're a great tutor and I'm willing to bet you'll be just as helpful and selfless in your new job.

    Though this may not be goodbye, it's going to leave a hole in the FXhome lineup that will be very tough to fill's you! If you're ever near Wisconsin, look me up! I'll make you a great cup of Kona!

    God bless and good luck!!!

    P.S. I will always remember the first rule of Fight Club!

  • You've been a real inspiration on my HitFilm learning journey, thank you so much.

    Seconded.  I've found the information you've imparted through your tutorials and online courses to be invaluable, especially as a beginner.  Best of luck in your new digs, Simon-Sempai.

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    Aw man, I step away for a while and (sounding like a click-bait link on The Weather Channel site)....then THIS happened!

    Wishing you the very best in All That You're Moving On To, Simon! 
    Your unique, inimitable tutorial style and sense of humor will be very sorely missed indeed...I do hope you will continue to hang out here, post, and create the occasional awesome tutorial videos that we've all come to look forward to, as you said. 

  • I know I am the new kid on the block here, but have found your tutorials and sense of humor to be very entertaining.  Wish I had been here sooner in order to get to  know you.

    Congrats to the new endeavor and best wishes in all your future journeys.

  • Bet of luck,  We will be watching for your comments and request

  • Wow!!! Congrats Simon, thanks for everything dude.

    I'm very glad you'll still be around.

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