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  • Hey folks,

    I didn't really have much luck with the Star Wars models.  Still really new to HitFilm.  If someone wants a 'Y-wing' to go along with the 'X-wing', I modeled one and you can find it here with some of my other models.


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    @AlDinelt Your models are awesome!

  • Here is a quick test I put together with the pack.

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    Tried loading up the X-wing for the first time tonight. It's really lagging on my machine, which is odd because it's geometry has a smaller poly count that the TIE Fighters I've been using. Adding the normal map just makes the entire model vanish--I'm tempted to invert the normal map and reload it.

    Anyone else having issues?

  • @Filmtech I like that, but it feels a bit too shiny to me, which takes me out of the scene and more into game footage. Can you make the shadows darker and maybe dirtier?

  • @AlDinelt - Those are some great models! I was thinking of downloading them all and making a short using all of them but soon realized, B9 would just start yelling "Warning, danger!" all because HAL wouldn't open the pod bay doors!  ;^)

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!

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    @Triem23 ;- I did have the issue with the normals map as well.

    My solution was to resize all images down to 2k and remade the normals map in Crazy Bumps.

  • Oh snap! Those look really, really good!

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    Guys did anyone have any luck with the normal and bump on the xwing it just vanishes using the jpg ones. 

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    No problem with bump. Normals, yes. And... It just occurred to me to take the normal map into Photoshop, invert it, save as copy, and try the inverted one? It's possible the normal map is 180 degrees off for what Hitfilm expects! 

  • For me the bump did the same straight to black

  • Anyone have success with all four materials on the swing @simonkjones ?

  • Models look great! I agree with @Andy001z though and think that the model is a little too bright considering the surroundings. Still, a lovely example!

  • It occured to me to ping you @Filmtech to check if you had any luck with the normal and bump map working? I need to run a couple of tests but time infront of the PC :(

  • @Andy001z I had luck with the normal map. But not the bump map. I also found that some of the models like the tie fighter was very broken in Hitfilm.

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    I'll download and see if there are any issues, if so I'll try patching things up.

    @AlDinelt these are Bloody good chap!

  • Ta do let us know the patch process. 

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    @NxVisualStudio oh... There are issues. 

  • @Triem23 could you send the X-wing? I can't see it on the site just the Y- wing and other models. 

    @Andy001z Will do :)

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