It's May 4th!

It's Star Wars day, according to the internet, so we thought why not and rummaged up this:

Pretty cool what you can do from scratch (assets aside) in an hour-or-so with consumer hardware and software in 2016.

Anybody else care to contribute a Star Warsy image/video? :)


  • Well not got one of my own here with me now, but the reason I got into VFX editing was becuase of this video. It's a classic.

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    That is indeed a true classic! Here's hoping Michael Scott continues to make progress in his recovery from the car accident.

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    One of the very first things I ever did with HitFilm. It was posted on YouTube on 6 July 2011. My laptop at the time didn't quite meet the minimum specs. I couldn't render out mp4 animations, but I could do image sequences.

  • @Rosstrowbridge Classic!! Nice tracking.

  • Anybody else care to contribute a Star Warsy image/video?

    Well, okay.  If you insist.   This is my current Facebook profile picture, which was made after The Force Awakens hit theaters. FB was doing this "overlay a lightsaber onto your profile pic" thingy and I decided to bust out Photoshop and go them one better.

    Next up, here's a lightsaber prop I built from a YouTube tutorial as a gift for a friend of mine.

    When I sent that picture to a different friend and said, "I made dis", her response was to ask me if it actually worked.  So, I whipped up this video in Hitfilm (and Mocha!) and sent it to her;

  • Here is one I made 4 months ago... Oh how I cringe when I watch it.

    Also here is my attempt at Kylo's lightsaber.

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