Strange keyframe behaviour

Using Light Flares I did keyframe the Intensity property, from 0 to 1 and opposite every few sec to make it blink.

Keyframe interpolation set to Constant, the property value correctly change at the keyframe but the change will be visualized only after about 1 sec.


  • @Davide445 Not sure I fully understand, you have set up key frames for 0 and 1 and you see this change on the key frame, but the result is displayed not at the keyframe frame but 1sec later? The result should take effect on the keyframe taking on board the new setting. What is the frequency / no of frames between each keyframe?

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    Exactly, the property value does change at the keyframe, the effect is visualized only 1 sec later. Between key frames there are 5 sec.

    Will be so nice having the possibility to attach images in the post :)

  • So @davide445 if you expand (zoom) the timeline to max so you can see each frame, how many is it between the keyframe and the effect taking place?

    Also, have you tried this on a simple PLANE blinking on and off to remove the Video / Media from the equation.

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