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Reading the thread about the Linux version I did realize FXHome might have maybe a more compelling problem to care about. 

Win and Mac release are made AFAIK using OpenGL for cross platform compatibility. 

OGL successor is Vulkan, problem is Apple appear to not supporting Vulkan if favor of his own Metal.

With OGL not more evolved the management of this issue become IMHO the biggest tech priority, considering Mac is a standard in media editing market. Or I'm wrong and there is in fact no issue?


  • OpenGL is not going anywhere IMO. Vulcan does not truly replace OpenGL. Vulcan is designed for very low level functionality. OpenGL provides high level functionality.

    If you don't have a 3D engine you are programming to then you really would prefer the higher level functionality of something like OpenGL.

    The game industry defines their own 3D world game engines and the games are written to the game engine. These engines provide way more functionality than OpenGL or DirectX. The engine then outputs to OpenGL or DirectX.

    A high level interface like OpenGL defines a specific dataflow and this may be cumbersome with the back end of the engines to interface with. Having a low level primitive interface is not a big deal for the back end of an engine to interface with.


  • Mac's are overprived, like a lot, more than 2x. I don't think anyone is using them for big budget movies if they're concerned about budget on computers. I think more studios are using Windows than Maverick or whatever the newest OS at the moment is.

  • The fact is you need to deal with one of the standard graphic api available on the target OS to render your graphics on the screen.

    If OpenGL support will be not more evolved on Mac and Vulkan never will be at some point in the future FXHome will need to have a choice if build a porting to Metal.

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    I'm reasonably certain OpenGL support is at the driver level. Apple can ignore OpenGl all it wants, but Nvidia and AMD won't. 

  • Ok so I was overlooking something, interesting to know thanks. 

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