Some questions

Summed up some questions

- Want to revert logo animation using Time reverse effect. Applying it on a comp that contain the logo animation comp the screen remain black....can I use it only on a actual video and not on a comp?

- Any way to keyframe masking existence? If I want to apply masking to a specific part of my video the only way is to split the video or animate mask size (so i.e. to cover the full video and next zooming to desired part)?

- This forum is a mine of suggestions and info, but can't really use the search function except for a single keyword: what are the rules to combine keywords (i.e. want that both "mask" and "keyframing" are in the post, even if not consequential)


  • My own answers: no, no, and use ".

  • Hi, bit busy with work but here is the how to search the forum using google, you get better results.


    Type in the search bar the following replacing the "Keyframing masks" with your search critera. keyframing masks


    good luck


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