HitFilm 4 Express is out now

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Has anybody else noticed we now have a HitFilm 4 Express?


MOD edit: You can find the related blog post here: http://hitfilm.com/blog/4-express-launch/



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    Woohoo! Improved Quad Warp and working Proxy Transitions! :D

    Also retained my Effects Packs from HF3 Express.

    OTOH I now can't start making things in HF3E and finish them in HF3P because it's going to say I need HF4P....Oh well, still a nice upgrade. :)

  • Eagle eyes! We'll be making a bigger noise about it once we get a few ducks aligned.

    @palacono - any add-ons bought for 3 Express should move over into 4 Express, so I'm glad to hear that worked. We didn't want anybody to lose out in that regard - it should be a very easy decision to upgrade to the new version.

  • @SimonKJones Sweet! And you've also added Curves to the Color Correction section which will be useful, and a couple of extras in the Color Grading section too :)

    BTW The first video had a nag popup from YouTube saying "be more considerate and don't hide this video" or something. Probably to do with your ducks still being herded together. ;)

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    @SimonKJones @KirstieT @JoshDaviesCEO @NotGonnaTagEveryone Store looks good, tutorials are sweet, the intro sketch is a lot of fun, and you showed how to pull off a shot that would have a lot of people reaching for mocha. 

    When you start the shouting, make it loud! 

    As an addendum, AgArtsCo did a video back in Hitfilm 2 Ultimate on making graphic elements in Hitfilm that are fantastic for HUDS. I think everything in it can be done in Express. 


  • Ah, nice link back to that one, @triem23. Thanks for the comments on the vids - I was pretty surprised myself when Josh came up with the head tracking technique. It's quite specific to the particular framing of the Iron Man-style HUD, but it's satisfying in its simplicity (and the fact you don't have to wrestle with getting a full-on 3D track going).

    @palacono - the videos are set to unlisted at the moment but will go live shortly. It's often wise to have a quiet initial launch so we can test all the systems in a real environment (web bits and pieces primarily) before inviting everyone along.

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    Interested to know the difference with HF 3 Pro I own.

    For my current usage the only really changing part of the new HF4P was Boris FX, not enough to upgrade.

    Interesting to know if 3P files will open in 4E, what mean "Professional particle simulator", "Profesisonal denoiser" and what effects are not included in 4 Express.

    My hypothesis is HF4E is something similar to HF3P without some of his effects, so I will not gain anything in going for 4E, but just for asking :).

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    @Triem23 you've linked that AGArtsCo before and it's very useful and yes, it can all be done in Express and there is also a step you can skip: creating an initial square or circle shape and exporting it.

    For some of the shapes (the non-inside out ones) you can just make a new Layer and drop it in the Editor, then drop the Iris Transition on top. Make squares, triangles etc. by changing the number of petals in the Iris.

    @SimonKJones the thing that impressed me the most about the tracking was for the face mask! Having the face effectively being 'flat' worked brilliantly.

  • @SimonKJones- That first vid on the blog is stellar! You guys crack me up!!! I'll save the congrats on HF4E for the official notification.  ;^)

  • Official notification is up, with a video from Film Riot to top it all off: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COt3kTDhi10

  • Any list of what's new in Hitfilm 4 Express?

  • @Slapout HitFilm 4 Express includes over 25 new effects including lightning, additional audio controls and speed controls, new animation features (with some technology borrowed directly from Pro) and an improved editing timeline. Lots of good stuff!

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    @Slapout ;

    I don't have a comprehensive list yet, but your main new features include:

    • new audio effects--reverb, echo, flanger, doppler shift, audio stretch, etc 
    • New Rate Stretch tool for video--easier than the unintuitive Speed effect. 
    • Some new effects include Lens Flares, Lightning and Caustics. 
    • Some new options in add-on packs, including Pro Denoise. 
    • Manual Bezier/Motion graph keyframes. This lets you animate accelerations and motion in ways literally  impossible to do in 3 Express.
    • Auto targeting layers--orientation of lights, assets and cameras to a selected layer or point. This can literally cut down camera moves that would take over an hour to set up in 3 EXPRESS to about a minute. 

    Along with hundreds of minor tweaks, adjustments and enhancements. Quad Warp is enhanced, there are new ways to navigate 3D space, more keyboard shortcuts, more control of things like shadow maps. 

    I'm sure if staff were to type up a comprehensive list it would run to hundreds of changes. 

    If you purchased any add-ons for 3 Express, they will work in 4 Express, so, really there's no reason to not upgrade. 

  • Reading @Triem23 list might be interesting to test it on HF3P files after all, discovering the benefits, new possibilities and pushing my needs.

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    I'm curious if I'm the reason for this:

      Professional denoiser €55.37 (Repair pack)  

    Either way, I love HitFilm, it's community and the devs, we're like a big family. :)


  • @davide - moving from the Pro version to the free Express version is a downgrade, as the Pro version has a significantly larger toolset. Of course, HitFilm 4 Express is free, so there is no harm whatsoever in grabbing yourself a copy, but the effects and tools will be more limited that what you are used to in the Pro version.

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    @Davide445 as long as you're not bringing in 4K comps you should be ok, although of your 3 Pro project is using effects/features not in 4 Express, you'll get a warning, and those elements will be stripped. 

    So make sure you "Save As" and don't overwrite your original project. You can't take projects  back to 3P from 4E.

  • @AxelWilkinson @Triem23 Considering I did  have time and opportunity to work on HF every three months or so I'm using a small set of effects, improving more my skills than their number. 

    So will try and see if I'm missing something. No 4k right now :).

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    Looks like you can't get particles and 3d models as add on packs anymore?  

    However, my audio add on pack (which I'm sure used to about £8) has been upgraded for free to the new £41 pack that includes atomic particles! 


  • @Blackmath - yes, the add-on packs have been reconfigured, and some of the more expensive options are now Pro only. This means new users have fewer choices to consider, which should make it easier to determine which options they need. It should also more clearly differentiate between the Express and Pro products.

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    @Blackmath My opinion was always that if one was going to buy the models and 3D packs, they should just be saving up for Pro, anyway. ;-) 

  •  I think you're right!  Very nice getting the audio visual pack upgraded for free though.  Nice to have lens flares in Express 4 for free too.

  • This day just became GREAT! 

    ONE question. I don't wish to seem obtuse, but--just so it's stated--the system requirements for HF4X ARE the same as for HF4P, or are they different?

    Great job, guys...as always.

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    Hi, I have one question: I am working with Windows 10.

    What is the maximum  "RAM Preview Max Usage"?

    Is 4096 MB enough to work with large HD files and many effects?

    If I had more, eg. 32 GB, or 64 GB Ram, how can I use more than 4 GB RAM.



  • The ram preview buffer maximum size is 4GB (4096 MB).

    The ram preview buffer is used to pre-render a short section of your video for smooth playback. Obviously you only use the ram preview feature when what you are working on is not able to playback at realtime speed.

    With the viewer at FULL for 1080p30 video a 4GB preview buffer can cache about 23 seconds of video. If the viewer is at HALF, then about 100 seconds for 1080p30. 

  • To add to what NormanPCN has explained, HitFilm will automatically use all the RAM your system has available for general use, and the RAM Preview usage only relates to when you create a preview render in the software.

  • Excellent news.  I just started learning hitfilm so being able to jump right into 4 while learning will be helpful for sure.

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    @NormanPCN, @AxelWilkinson: Thank you for your answers.

  • Tested on the latest of my HF3P files, discovered 4E didn't have atomic particles, already a stop.

    Will evaluate the add-ons maybe will be cost efficient for my specific usage to add only what I really need to Express vs upgrade to 4P - waiting to need the full power :).

  • @Davide445 You are rather going backwards with a step from Hitfilm Pro 3 to Hitfilm Express 4. Although the software might have received some engine tweaks the functionality in your Pro version will exceed the express version. I am not 100% up on the upgrade path from Pro 3 to Pro 4 that is a question for Staff maybe.

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