Thank you

I believe it's important to extend appreciation to people who add good value to our lives.

So I wanted to personally say a quick thank you to all the staff as I truly appreciate HitFilm 3 Express, and I love it, and use it regularly and it has helped me compile many videos.

Just so you know, you are all appreciated very much.


All the best for the future with HitFilm.


  • I sign to that ! ^  They are awesome and deserve much love (and money to keep going !) !!!!!! Thank you, dear people of Hit Film ! 

  • Many thanks!

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    Well, since they eliminated the 'like' button----I'll have to do it manually.


  • @QvB I agree, they do deserve value(Money) for value(HitFilm).

    I was so grateful for HitFilm 3 Express, that I felt a deep reciprocity to return something, so I created a few tutorials to help, and also purchased a couple of add-ons.

    One day I would like to be able to buy the Pro version too.

    Thanks again :)


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