ROGUE ONE teaser: here we go again

Well, that looks magnificent.

I love that the production design is strong enough to feel 100% Star Wars, while the story, characters and visual style are VERY new and different for the series.


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    This looks cool. But so many movies look like that, so I don't know what I feel about this. I prefer story telling over effects, so hopefully they nail it. It happened so soon, hopefully it's not rushed.

    Is this movie based on the previous, or is that 2-3 more years down the line? Should be fun to watch, I'll probably view it the day it premieres.


  • I was pretty keen on this when I first heard about it, but that trailer/teaser thing....oh my yoda that looks so awesome. More characters and a wider Star Wars cinematic universe? Yes please.

    @KevinTheFilmmaker my understanding is the spin-offs are in development/production parallel to the "main" arc (ie VII, VIII and IX). So it's getting a full production length, and was in production before VII came out. As they don't use the same actors (at least, not in main roles?), and have different directors, they're doing production on 2 or 3 of the new SW movies at once. Super glad it's coming out so soon as the wait for VIII (December 2017 I think) is far too long.

  • An exciting aspect is that even in this trailer it feels like there's more new stuff than in the whole of Force Awakens. Much as I really liked TFA, it was very much a retelling of A New Hope - deliberately so, and it did kinda work, but I don't feel like I saw any new places/ships/things/creatures/etc, as even the new stuff (eg the short alien bartender) felt like they were riffing on established things (Yoda).

  • I'm curious how far they're willing to go with this. They have all the attention in the world, knowing the business, I wouldn't be surprised if they are inventing new stuff with no real backstory, just to increase the amount of items they have available to sell as merchandise. That's a bit harsh, but only time will tell. I'm a huge fan of Star Wars, and well, without them, VFX wouldn't be what it is today. I have so much respect for the people behind Star Wars, no matter what they decide to make.

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    Yes, this trailer with a Death Star, the Yavin IV base, AT-ATs and Mon Mothma certainly showed me new...? 

    I don't need a prequel on stealing Death Star plans. I'm over Death Stars. I just watched a new Star Wars movie about blowing up a Death Star. Seriously. 

    Spoiler alert! The Rebels get the plans. I'm sorry, I know I gave away the end of the movie there, but, y'know... I just gotta (bad) feeling about this. 

    Hopefully cool-costume black-armor Stormtrooper guy won't turn out to be 91 seconds of Gwendolyn Christie-level waste-of-actor. 

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    @SimonKJones Yep, got me interested and looking sweet as. Anyone been watchin the UK BBC the Night Manager? I had a moment of saying hey what's the lawer of Mr Rober doing in the Rebel Aliance fleet. :)

  • @triem23 - I'm hoping the story turns out to be about Something Else, even if the plans are the driving factor. As you say, we don't really need to know the details - but there is an opportunity to add in some unexpected elements to what we think is a cut and dry story.

    And sure, there's a lot of familiar elements in here, but there's already characters (and character archetypes), locations (tropical beachy place! Subway-type area!), vehicles (tank thing! Dropship!) that feel nice and fresh. Combined with a filmmaking style that appears at this stage to be quite different and I'm excited.

    The fact it's Gareth Edwards helps - though it had some story and character issues, I thought he did an amazing job with Godzilla.

  • My interest has been peaked. *LIKE*

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    Dear Disney

    Thank you for buying Star Wars :)


    So happy :D

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    Star Wars: EP III.9

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    I just love that we will be getting an action packed star wars movie. I mean I love family stories and jedi prowess as much as the next guy.. but this will be something fresh that doesn't have to live up to most star wars expectations. And it's definitely going to be better than batman v superman... don't get me started.

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