New HitFilm Projects missing video and audio?

Whenever I used to create a new project, there was always 2 audio tracks showing and 3 video tracks.

All of a sudden, for reasons unknown to me, whenever I create a new project there is only 1 audio track and only 1 video.

How can I tell HitFilm to always display 2 audio tracks and 3 video tracks when creating a brand new project?

Thank you :)


  • Can anyone staff member tell me?  I really want this sorted.


  • You may should watch your own tutorials....

    There is only one track each. When you adding another clip on top it creates a new track. Or the second solution would be to do a right click onto the timeline and create a new track. 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Or create your own template file with multiple tracks set up. 

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    That's what I did @Triem23, I created a template, with a few tracks and few audios :)  So now I will use that for every new project.

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    StephansBilderwelt I am laughing so hard right now my belly aches lol.

    For some odd reason I had a memory meltdown, of course, only 1 video and 1 audio.  I actually did watch my own tutorial to remind myself heheh ;)  For some strange reason I thought every new project had 2 audio tracks showing and 3 video tracks :P

    Too funny :)


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