How to Export and Import "End Credits Crawl"?

I have created an "End Credits Crawl" that I want to export(save) and then import into a different and new project.   But when I save it and import it, the settings are not there and it's blank.

Anyone know how to export an "End Credits Crawl" and import it into a new and different project?

Thank you:)


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Pop your credit roll into its own Composite Shot. In the Media panel, right-click this Composite in the media list and select "Save Composite Shot."

    In your other project, click the triangle next to the Import button and chose" Import Composite Shot" from the dropdown menu. 

    Saving and Importing Composite Shots is the baseline technique for creating templates and other complex presets. However, Saving a Composite Shot doesn't save anything embedded. BUT, when you choose "Import Composite Shot," you can choose to import an entire project. You'll get a list of which Composites to import, and, if you only select Composite A, but A has embedded Composite Shot B, B will also import and link to A. 

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    When I do this... exactly as you suggested:

    Pop your credit roll into its own Composite Shot. In the Media panel, right-click this Composite in the media list and select "Save Composite Shot."

    It gives a pop up box that says "This composite shot cannot be saved because it contains one or more embedded composite shots"

    BY the way, there is no option when I right click that says "Save Composite Shot", it only says "Save as".  Is that what you mean?

    Any other ideas Triem?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Yeah, save it as a project. As nored above you can load a Hitfilm project into another project, which will ask you which Composite Shots you want to import. 

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    Doesn't work Triem, as I import the project and drag the end credit to timeline, it doesn't seem to have saved the end credit crawl effect.

    For some reason when I import it to another project, the "End Credits Crawl" effects is completely missing.

    Any other ideas? :P

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    Anyone else have any ideas why importing the project with "End Credits Crawl" effects in it, will not show up in the imported project?

    The project imports OK, however, when I look at the part which contains the "End Credits Crawl" effect, it isn't there for some reason.

    Any help would be appreciated as it gets tiresome and tedious to have to redo the "End Credits Crawl" effect for every single new project I create.

    Thank you:)

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    I found a solution, I worked it out myself :)   I am happy with this solution.

    So what I did was:

    1. Click and highlight the composite shot on the timeline that contains the "End Credits Crawl" effects.

    2. Select Controls, then click on Effects, which then reveals the "End Credits Crawl" effect.

    3. I then right click on the "End Credits Crawl"  effect, and select "Create Preset".

    4. Then in any new project, I create a new composite shot, and then drag that onto the timeline.

    5, Then click on presets in Effects, and then drag the "End Credits Crawl" preset that I created in step 3, and drag it onto the new composite shot I created in the new project. And voila, works :) 

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    Your thoughts/feedback @Triem23 on the above?

    By the way Triem, the video you initially said I should not have made, is going really well, many positive comments and the view count is rising.

  • As is typical in Hitfilm there are many ways to do this. You can save a preset for the effect but this seems off since the credit is typically used only once. One usually saves a preset because you want to use it more than once. If you intend to use the same credit more than once then a preset makes sense. Maybe you have a common baseline credit you want to start from multiple times.

    I am including a video showing that you can save a End Credit crawl as a composite shot as previously described and importing that composite shot into a new project. To save a single composite shot it must be stand alone and not reference other composites. Note that my example meets this requirement.

    If you have embedded comps in the composite shot you want to save then you get the error message you described. You have to import the project file itself to import the two or more composite shots. Note that in the "import composite shot" menu item you can select a Hitfilm project as well as composite shots. In the situation where you import a project, you will be presented with a dialog allowing you to select what you want to import from the project.

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    @NormanPCN, I use the "End Credits Crawl" effect every single project I create, so yes, I can use that over and over with the preset.

     As for your tut, I was trying to use an exisiting credit crawl to save out, and that doesn't work.  But starting one from brand new seems to work.

    Suffice to say as I use end credits on every project, I find the preset creation to be easiest and most effective for me.

    Thanks anyway :)


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Yeremyah I misread your initial post. I thought you'd tried to right-click your effect and save as preset already, which didn't work. Hence, suggesting the comp-shot or project save. Glad the preset worked for you. Don't forget to save out composite shots and projects as templates--you'll still get use out of that technique. It's great for, say, slideshows, where you create composite shots for each slide then animate a bunch of embedded composite shots. Reload the template, relink the media for each slide holding comp and boom! Next slideshow is done!

    Bear in mind on that particula rtutorial video, I didn't say don't ever make tutorials--I suggested waiting until you were comfortable with the techniques before teaching others, and I stand by that basic maxim. I know at least one of your tutorials has text annotations made after recording to correct minor points, but for people who download Youtube media to keep local copies (like myself), we don't see those annotations. I'm genuinely glad for you that your tutorials are getting views and helping other users and I'm also genuinely glad to see your progress with the software over the last few months--things are definitely starting to "click" for you, and I shortly expect to see some fantastic videos from you. :-) And I'm sure you'll keep putting out tutorials which will be helpful to tons of other users.

    My own tutorials are kind of stalled out, since I'm getting detailed enough where tutorials are easily passing an hour or two without finishing up.  ANd I don't have much Hitfilm time anymore, so my one-night-a-week of Hitfilm time has to be split between working on tutorials, or trying to finish my films. Also, given the short attention span of the internet I need to figure out how to break these tutorials up into 15-20 minute segments... Which means just the tutorial on 3D model import, materials and rigging will probably need to be in five to six parts--the current version of that is over two hours of material! And will span three version of Hitfilm, since the sections recorded in Hitfilm 2 Ultimate still apply through 4. Then Hitfilm 3 Pro adds more options, then Hitfilm 4 Pro totally changes up the materials settings....

  • Triem23 how do you save as a template?  I can only save as composite shots or projects.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I spoke imprecisely. You're saving out the Composite or Project as a template. This can be basic (I have "empty" project files saved for my resolution/framerate choices with my workspace set up how I like and my "notes" page set up so I don't have to do that every time I start a new thing) to complex (like once I set up a 3D model with materials and rigs, I save it as a Composite Shot).

  • I am using Express, and you are using PRO, that's why.  Exporting and importing composite shots and saving templates are features only found in the Pro version I believe, hence, I am not able to do it the way you suggest, so I need to stick with creating presets instead.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I'm afraid Exporting Composite Shots works just fine in Express as shown here.

  • Show me in Express how to save as a TEMPLATE please @Triem23

  • The Composite shot is the Template.

  • Read carefully. "saving out the Composite or Project as a template".

    There is no specific template type in Hitfilm. Using something as a template (composite shot or project file) simply means that whatever it is you are using is simply a common starting point to save some work for common tasks.

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    I am able to save out and export certain composites, however, the "End Credits Crawl" effect that I have created in the past which I want to use for all my future projects, refuses to export out, keeps saying "This composite shot cannot be saved because it contains one or more embedded composite shots"

    Suffice to say, it doesn't matter as saving it as a preset works well as I simply create a new composite in every new project and drag the "End Credits Crawl" effect onto the composite.
  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    If the "Save as Preset" is working for you, awesome. 

    Like Norman said, there's nothing in Hitfilm that's going to say "Save/Load Template," since the Template is anything you care to create. Sometimes saving effects presets is enough, but sometimes you just need to save a Composite Shot or Project file. 

    Also, I have a folder on my Desktop with my "Starting Templates." These are basically empty projects, but I have my customized workspace set up how I want it and some other minor things--like having the media pool sort by "type" and "folder." Others have preset camera/lighting rigs, etc. Opening Hitfilm by double clicking the needed template bypasses the opening menu screen, the new project screen and that minute-or-so of adjusting workspace and view settings, so I never have to waste time doing that silly stuff. 

    Remember, you can load an entire PROJECT via the "Import Composite Shot" menu (which mean you can create and save templates as project files). This allows you to build and reuse complex things for reuse. Or even just commonly reused elements. I'm doing a complex battle sequence at the moment and I have a lot of smoke plumes that are masked photos animated with some distortion and bulge. So I saved them all out in a Composite shot for easy import and reuse. 

    If you poke around in this thread there are some demo projects for download (Express-friendly are labelled), like a lower third using multiple composite shots--but just change the text holders and it's ready to go. Or, modify other elements. There's a quick slideshow that could be imported--relink the picture media to the images of your choice and that's done. 

  • " refuses to export out, keeps saying "This composite shot cannot be saved because it contains one or more embedded composite shots""

    Then just import that project into any future projects that you want to use the composite that has the End Credits crawl that you want to import.

    This has nothing to do this end credits crawl. It has to do with the fact that you are attempting to save a simple composite shot to disk that references/contains other composite shots. That cannot be done. That makes sense. Two or more composite shots are not a single self contained composite which the "save composite" item requires.

    When you have composites which reference other composites and you want to reuse a composite that references others then just import the project that contains the composite you want. It has been previously stated that you can select a Hitfilm project file from the "import composite shot" menu selection and that you will be presented with a dialog letting you select which items you want to import from the project.

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