Green Screen, now what?

So I have a video of moving in front of a green screen.

Is it possible to replace the green screen behind me moving in video using HitFilm 3 Express?


  • It is possible. Use the Color Difference Key, Spill Removal and Matte Cleaner under "Keying" for effect

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    How do you create a "keying" area to drop the Color Difference Key, Spill Removal and Matte Cleaner under?

    I dropped Color Difference Key, Spill Removal and Matte Cleaner onto the video, but the green goes black, but how do I then add a background to it?

  • > how do I then add a background to it?

    You need to either add a second video track for the background and put the keyed-out footage on top of it, or create a composite shot and add the background that way.

    Check out this video;

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    Drop your media (image or video) that you want in the background under the keyed layer.

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    Still having struggles.

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    Look at the Hitfilm Greenscreen video tutorials. Here is a link, but you can always find these by clicking the "video tutorials" tab in Hitfilm. Look at the Green Screen category.

    Don't bother with the third tutorial since that is about the advanced chroma key effect only available in Pro.

    In the first video in the series, at about 1:40, you see the bottom layer(s) becoming visible after applying the color keyer to the upper greenscreen layer.

    The tutorial Steve referenced is showing something a little more advanced. By that I mean inserting a greenscreen actor inside a 3D object. Hitfilm's unified 3D space makes that action easier than most other software.

  • I got it working :)

    All I did was create a composite shot.

    I then added my video with green background screen.

    I then added the background image below the greenscreen video.

    I then dragged the "Greenscreen Key" special effect onto the greenscreen video.

    And it works.

  • Yeah, I should have linked to some of the older tutorials instead, but it sounds like you got it.

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