Rolling Shutter Effect, anyone used it?

As the title says. I've played around with this, but I can only get results that vary from bad to worse than the original.

What's the Sigma value, what's a good number and what are the default settings set up to to work with - if anything? Trying to remove some rolling shutter from GoPro video if anyone's done that before.

As it is so CPU/GPU intensive I have to keep on rendering out a 3 second clip over and over again - faster than RAM preview and a lot faster than Proxy - to check the results, which takes 11+ minutes to render out.

2 hours later: still not really getting it. :(


  • Why type of rolling shutter effect(s) are you trying to remove? I'll bet the Hitfilm effect only tries to deal with the panning wobbly angled edge thing. Like using a DSLR at typical video shutter speeds and panning.

    My GoPro stuff has never had that panning problem since I am shooting outdoors in bright sunlight and the GoPro usually has a 1000-2000th of a second shutter in those conditions.

    What I get all the time in the jello effect that comes from sudden first person camera movement when I am on my mountain bike on a rocky trail. The only thing I have used that can fix that to a some extent is the Prodad Mercalli V4 stabilizer. Version 4 has a generalized "cmos fixer" that tries to deal with many types of issues that can occur with rolling shutters in an action camera environment.

  • Vibration from an aerial shot where it was so cold (1 degree) that the dampers hardened up and stopped being dampers, so the camera was jiggled up and down a lot.

    So no one's used that feature? :(

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I've used it, but it sounds like yiur situation is going to be a lot rougher than normal. Handheld wobble still tends to be one bad bump every couple of seconds, and skew is going to depend on movement. On a drone with frozen dampers my guess is every single frame is going to have massive jitter and the poor filter will be overworked. 

    Mercali's Stabilization will do a better job than Hitfilm's

    Sigma value relates to amount of variation. For your situation it might need to be pretty high. 

  • @Triem23 Thanks, I'll crank it up and see what happens. The footage doesn't have obvious visual and horizontal features for me to change visually and see if the result looks better, so it's been fairly hit and miss. Might have to end up doing a reshoot, which is a huge pain.

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