Can I do this to multiple layers?

Simple question, I hope the answer isn't a simple: No.

Can I select multiple layers, say 20,  than adjust their Opacity in one go, rather than selecting each in turn?

As Opacity is the one thing that's not Parented, I can't make them all follow a Point and adjust that; but is there a way of doing it through the UI?


  • It depends on the layer types. If you don't have grade layers in the list, you can create a composite shot for that 20 layers, and change the opacity of the composite shot. It works most of the time. If haven't any layers under your 20, you can safely move grade layers too. You'll lose some function with this (for example: you can't parent a layer to a layer in another comp), but it works.

  • @Messen OK, Thanks. I was trying to see if there was a way avoid having multiple embedded Composites, but if there is no UI way to do it (also no way to solo a layer or close all opened layers either) then I'll do that.

    Cheers. :)


  • Just somewhere to stick this without creating a new thread, nothing to see here. :D


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