Where are all the hundreds of thousands of users of Hitfilm posting?

I know this forum software is pretty....unique, but based on the number of people who post here: either there are only a few dozen people actually using Hitfilm - or they're going somewhere else, or not posting about their problems, or successes.

On other forums I frequent, the percentage of people who post seems much higher than here. As you can also see how many people read each thread, the numbers seem pretty low, even if the vast majority (like 10,000:1) are lurkers. But, even the numbers of people reading threads (average less than 100, apart from old ones like FREE HITFILM) shows they're not reading posts either.

Could the forum software have anything to do with putting people off?  

I can't get notifications when someone has replied to me - only PMs, the few categories there are are are fairly irrelevant, as everything is displayed as part of one timeline; I can't 'follow' a thread that I'm interested in and only notice changes to it when replies bump it up to the front page of my timeline.

So, where is everyone?



  • In my experience most users don't post to most forums, period. Of the multiple Vegas forums I am on I think I have seen two posts, total, in the last month. 

    I don't think this forum is the proper place to speculate about people not using the forum? Conceptually it seems odd to me. 

    It's possible this forum software is off putting, but it's not any worse than almost every other forum or webpage I have seen that's done a style update in the last two/three years or so. 

    EVERYONE has removed tabs, panels, windows, things with actual function in favor of a single page layout with an oversized banner, too much white space and thin fonts. Yes, that is easy to read on a smartphone, but it's become a stripped down design that's lacking in finesse and function. 

    I LOVED the Hitfilm 2 Ultimate era site design. It was a multi-panel layout that, at a glance, let one see the newest five responses per forum topic, the last few submissions to the movie  wall and the recent "Activity" from users (no one uses "Activity" on the user pages anymore because there's no way to see it other than randomly visiting profiles. 

    Unfortunately Palacono, I think this particular thread is doomed to become complaining about the forum software, which has the same issues as everyone else's forum software because we're in an age of bad page design. 

    Except, yes, you can follow a thread here. Click the star next to a forum title and it's added to your bookmarks. 

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    @Triem23 Aha! Well if nothing else, I've learnt something about following threads. :)

    I wouldn't say everyone's site has changed in quite the same way. I'm on many forums that have stickies, categories, all the good stuff you mentioned about the previous iteration, but they also have a 'mobile' view which is more stripped down for that. Everything is still there, you just have to go to a small menu for it instead of having it on tabs on the one screen.  Then again, they also have advertising banners, so they have to be efficient and easy to use, or people won't go back and the owners wouldn't make any money.

    I was wondering if someone was going to say "They're all on TwitWaffle, or FaceOvershare", but it seems they're actually nowhere.

    It's not just people not posting, you can see by the indicators that they're barely reading threads either (given the huge numbers who own the software), and as each thread is like a new conversation, instead of say, one on particles, one on lighting, one on models; it's pretty daunting when you first come here.

    Something to make that easier to navigate would benefit everyone, from the users, FXHome and people like yourself who are tired of answering the same questions because there is no 'Stickies' section.

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    The old movie wall sure proved there were more people using the software than commenting on posts. And I think the idea of categories for different aspects of the software is a great idea. If I had just come to this site looking for an answer about a lighting question I would probably start with the search function. But typing 'lighting' in the search doesn't really narrow things down; however, it does find every instance of the word 'lighting' throughout the forum.  Whether it's relevant to what I'm looking for still takes pages of info to sift through to find the right answer.....or just start a new thread as we have seen recently.

    I think my biggest issue with the forums is there used to be a page that explained what hardware requirements are needed to run HF. If that info could be made readily available (perhaps by sticky or on the download page) there wouldn't be so many new users asking why HF won't work on their system.

    I don't think the tutorials are easy enough to find for new users either. Granted, the layout of the tutorial page has greatly improved from days of yore, but I would expect it to either be linked at the bottom along with "DISCUSSIONS-CATEGORIES-BOOKMARKS etc." and if not there at least on the Category page itself. Maybe we wouldn't have to keep linking tutorials in threads if they were a little easier to find.

  • I did always find helpful users and interesting and instructive comments on this forum.

    My perception of the new layout is that appear to be designed with one of the goals to hide the number of posts and users.

    Nothing bad since this can be a way to push users to post, that's the main goal of every forum: more sharing more value for all.

    Big or small the HFP user base I did normally (and probably much less than professional users) read about or test other applications in different market segments, I didn't really find any other option with a so favorable cost/features ratio.

    So FXHome continue to push improving it, we all hope for even greater user base :).

  • Thanks for the feedback guys - it's great to hear the kind of things from your perspective that would improve the forum. We're always looking for ways to improve HitFilm.com including the forum and so hearing about usability issues any of you guys are having is really important. 

    PS. @Palacono 'TwitWaffle' almost made me spit my chocolate milk all over my desk. 

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    Curios here.

    I familiar with the backbone of this forum software. Not sure of the end user license for VFXHome ( Corporate or above) but I believe there is an advanced search option that can be enabled in the backend dashboard that would aid the end user to refine searches.

    I tried a few modifiers , double quotes, and the + and - symbols but the results were mixed??

    To try and avoid the topic becoming about the forum software... I too agree with Triem23 - users don't post to most forums except the regular base... at least in my past experiences.

    Take my case -  I trolled this forum for 6 months before I got the "nerve" up to ask a few questions. The level of professionalism and confusing technical talk set me back a bit at first.  But I'm coming around.

    IMHO most ppl give up if it isn't point and click easy with step by step tutorials on how to do it. They do not interact in the community and simply move on.

  • @GrayMotion - I didn't even realize the search was there when they changed the forum. lol Duh on me- Axel had to direct me to it.

    @KirstieT - Whew- don't waste that chocolate milk!!!!!! ;^)        

  • Building on what GreyMotion said, I probably wouldn't have started coming here if I wasn't still in that "excited newbie" phase desperate to show off all of my progress because I'm a new user.  If I was already an old hand at VFX I'd probably skip the forum entirely unless I had a technical issue, and IIRC my first few posts here were about technical issues, one of which was never commented on, let alone solved.

    In my experience, with the exception of a few die-hards who want to help everyone (and staff), most product forums are filled with people who hate the product enough to register and rant (see: every video game forum, ever) and a handful of clueless people who didn't realize that's why everyone else is there and fruitlessly try to have constructive conversations.

  • One thing no one has considered, something of which I have noticed most recently, I'm sure a great deal of the newbies to HF (especially HF Express) are from non-English speaking countries. That may explain why there are more posts saying something to the effect of "Forgive my English- she's a no good". I'd be willing to bet there are a whole bunch of people out there that don't participate due to a language barrier. So goes the global economy. I think that's worth throwing into the equation at least. 

  • @StormyKnight I think you're onto something because there are a lot of other tutorials made by users in their native language popping up like this one in Spanish going over Lightwave, Alembic and HitFilm


  • Well its not just me then.  

    The scale is really wacked out when you apply the alembic motion file.

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    There's a high percentage of lurkers. This thread has over 130 views for 12 comments. I don't think everyone commenting read the thread 11 times before commenting. 

  • Without being 100% sure, I think that the number shown for how many times the thread has been viewed, is only increasing if you are logged in.

    If you're not, it doesn't change.

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    @eTV interesting speculation. We'll see if staff confirms. 

  • "Worrhhhhaaa" - I'm lurking....

  • To answer the original question, HitFilm users are basically everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube (mainly YouTube), Google+, this forum, other forums. Pick a social network.

    The main difference with communications these days, as a company, is that it's very dispersed. 10 years ago our forum was the ONLY real way to interact with us and with other users, and everything funneled directly into that medium. Now, there are multiple platforms and communications systems all over the place - only some of which we're aware of. Tricky times, but interesting!

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    Other English speaking forums? Care to elaborate so we can go there too? ;)

  • For me I find the Hitfilm forum the most concise place for up-to-date information and help. Everywhere else is just information or marketing to me. There are certainly some improvements to this board, but I know from previous board management they can become a beast to manage. If there is one thing about this one, it looks a simple setup.

  • @SimonKJones - Are you required to try and keep up with all the different forums/social media? I have a hard enough time just keeping up here!

  • I actually did not know there was a forum, till 1 hour ago. Looks great though

  • > HitFilm users are basically everywhere.







  • @SteveKarstensen - Stop it. You're scaring me.

    @MartinMuller - Glad you found us and welcome!

  • I tend to read a lot more than I post. I guess that makes me a lurker. 

    Somebody ship me off to Babylon 5!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @RossTrowbridge Are you allowed to say that? You won't get drummed out of the Fleet? ;-)

  • Not a lot of people are having issues with the software. I would love to see more people sharing their work though, I think a lot of people are afraid to share their work (or for Copyright reasons? :-)), because they probably think that it's embarassing. When I was studying Media in School, I never even once tried to create visual effects, so that's why you don't see me posting anything -- yet! 

  • @SteveKarstensen. LOVE it...was waiting for someone to yell out "THIS IS SPARTA!"...or something like that. XD

  • But seriously, I'm a print guy looking to transition into animation on the side ("always love a good title sequence"). Found HitFilm and this forum. Both have been good fits for me...have learned a LOT from all of you experts on the site over the last 2 years and I thank you all. I think maybe that is the real strength of this forum. Granted, I believe that a lot of people who come on to this forum for the first time are REAL intimidated...I know I was...so they might just browse , get what they need and ditch without saying a word.

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    Given the way search works, that's highly unlikely.... :)

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    @Palacono It all depends on how strong one is in Google Fu ;)

    site:hitfilm.com/forum/ <search string> can work wonders


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