Shy 3D Model Keeps Disappearing

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While messing about with Voodoo and VideoTrace to try and find a way to extract 3D models from a video and reinsert them as overlays to interact with, I discovered I have a rather shy model.

Voodoo actually tracks the scene really well and displays the points perfectly within itself, so I'm not sure if it's its export function that messes up, or Hitfilm's import, but with some videos the results are almost perfect, others: not so much. But the rough tracking worked well enough to test the concept, plus it was nice and short.

Likewise, VideoTrace can make much better models than I made here, that was just the quickest boxy shape I could throw together to approximate the jeep.

So, with that in mind: if anyone can tell me why the model does a bunk  when it has to share the scene with a small orange plane, that would be great. :)

Tagging the usual helpful peeps: @Ady , @SimonKJones, @Triem23 , @Aladdin4d

(Video updated to answer question Simon asked below.)


  • How come you have the 3D model set to 3D plane dimension mode? That's a pretty unusual thing to have to do. Does it experience the same glitching in 2D or 3D unrolled modes?

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    @SimonKJones Because it's only a few simple planes bolted together and it works the rest of the time? :)

    When I switch the "model" to 3D unrolled it works 'normally', even though the plane is not actually  obscuring it or really interacting in any way.

    But see the now updated video (above) at the end, where I've added a section swapping the layer order, which is probably relevant in some way....and now you've asked: one where I change to 3D Unrolled.

    One consequence of that change was it removed the Brightness and Contrast Effect I'd added because now it wants 'proper lighting', which is another reason I hadn't used 3D unrolled before.

    And I forgot to video checking the setting of the 3D model to a 2D plane, which works with no glitching, although that concept always confuses me slightly, even though I know it's just a render target. :)

    But one unrelated plane affecting another group of planes is still weird, right?

  •  I usually get the same problems with 3D work in HF

  • @Ady, @SimonKJones Any suggestions about this?

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