I got  a 3d models car and i am trying to add light flares on the headlights, so I created  points , planes  adding light flares , parenting planes to the points and parenting points to  the models by positioning to the headlights then when i animate the model ( car)the light flares  is following  the models but  become off set.

The flare  hotspot position  it is set on zero ,Not sure what i am doing wrong , any help Thanks


  • The planes with the flares can be left 2D and don't need to be parented to the car. In Hotspot Position, set values to 0,0, but set "Use Layer" to your headlights points. That should fix it. 

  • jaajaa
    edited February 2016

     I create 2 points  3D ( one for left headlight one for right headlight) and 2 plane 2D with flare ( for Left headlight and Right  headlight ) Hotspot position set to 0,0 Use Layer to headlights Points ,Planes are parented to the headlights Points , The points are positioned to the Headlights and parented to the 3D models Car , when I animate the car  sill is not working ,the plane Flares  are following the car but off set .and I am using hit film 2 Ultimate 

  • Do 2D tracks for the points. 

  • jaajaa
    edited February 2016

    To do  2D tracks for the points  is not parenting also i see the  black background of the plane , it is weird because I tried  to  parent the plane with the light flare on the 3d Missile smoke it is working  good  when I animate the missile smoke the light flare attached nicely to the missile smoke 

  • If you have the Flares set to Use Layer, and assigned to the points, then don't parent the plane containing the flares to the points too. Remove all parenting from the planes, so the plane stays put, and the flare effects can follow the points.

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