Want to know how to create Simon's muzzle flashes in Hitfilm 3 Express?

Anyone interested in a video (or two) that fills in the gaps in the second half of Simon's excellent video, to show how to track that gun barrel off screen and lighting up the gunman and a 3D muzzle flash in Hitfilm 3 Express?

No extra Add Ons required., they're all in HF3E.

Simon's video.

Below was done in Hitfilm 3 Express. I wasn't actually trying to recreate the original result, just fill in the gaps and approximate the methods that could do it if required. The same processes would be required in HF4P, you just have access to a few more polished effects and shortcuts, but the grunt work is the same for both.

Obviously, I'm rubbish at sound effects, so won't be adding any... ;)

So, is anyone interested in a breakdown of the messier bits of this?

@SimonKJones, that assumes you don't mind me using your video clips, of course. Would that be OK?


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