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@Ady, @SimonKJones That's a new thing - not here, which appeared right away , but in another thread - but couldn't you start with a whitelist of regular posters, or are my posts really likely to be blocked? :)


  • Which thread? Maybe there's just a code glitch. 

  • We've introduced some new anti-spam stuff since the Great Spam War of January 2016. It's doing a pretty good job but it has caught a few legit posts accidentally, including yours. I've now accepted those posts and have also whitelisted you, so you shouldn't get held up again.

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    @SimonKJones, ooooh, let's test the spam catcher! Ok.

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    @SimonKJones. Aha! OK, thanks. :)

    @SimonKJOnes Edit: Oops, tried to add another comment to that same thread and it errored with part of a red bar and " o Body is required"

     Edit again: Refreshed the page, my text was still there, resubmitted it and it was accepted. Glitches eh? ;)

  • I've seen the "body required" message at times. A page refresh and re-submit always worked. I assumed that might have been related to spam measures. If so, it seems an acceptable price to pay for no spam.

  • Another solution is to install a different and better forum application :)

  • I for one am very happy to see the spam tools are working gloriously in the Great Spam War. As with any spam measures there are bound to be glitches here and there but all appears to be quite at the front.

    Kudos to the web masters for whipping Vanilla into a fighting machine.

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    @Palacono @NormanPCN the body required issue has been noticed and is under investigation. Whether it's a consequence of the anti-spam stuff or a more general result of forum software updates, I don't know.

    @Yeremyah in general we're pleased with how these forums work. The Great Spam War was a bit of a nightmare, but as you'll have noticed, we won in the end. While this forum software is a bit "vanilla", it also means less distractions and unnecessary functionality for people who didn't grow up on forums, and are perhaps more used to Twitter etc.

  • @DanielGWood ok, you basically just explained half the design decisions. I acknowledge your logic. 

    Still want the like button back. *pouts*

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    I personally prefer PhpBB "The Bertie Awakens" :)

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