Resolution problem on Export

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  • "Life is good ..." Hear hear.... I have a resolution problem with output.

    I was color matching a photo in Vegas from Hitfilm4. Then noticed the trimmer pic at the same scale of 100% looks crisp. But my output is soft.

    Same thing with the viewer at 100% compared to the trimmer and hi-res output of the photo as a .tif and a .jpg. 

    I'm running Win 10. Hitfilm4Pro. Brand new gaming laptop.

  • HitFilmer13076 - I have split your post away from the thread you originally posted in as the thread was old & I'm not sure your issue is the same as the OP.

    Could you elaborate further on the issue you are having as well as the product you are using (HitFilm 2, 3 or 4 for example)? As I'm not sure I quite understand what the problem is.

    Also, posting your full system specs would be helpful, CPU, RAM & GPU please.


  • What's the resolution of the source photo? @Ady I betcha he's just over Hitfilm's resolution cap of 4096x3192. 

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