Boris Text Plugins Lighting Banding Issue

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Edit: I guess I need to tag @Ady and @SimonKJones, as I always seem to post bugs reports just before a weekend and by Monday it'll be on page 4.

I'm not sure how much of this is due to the Boris Plugin itself (uses its own lights) or Hitfilm's render engine, but the lighting on the text when it's not very brightly lit has a lot of banding in it. Grey Metal has weird purple bands on it as well as square artifacts, so the banding isn't even very smooth.

See the first few seconds of the video below.

Before anyone says that it's a compression thing, it looks exactly the same inside Hitfilm with Anti-aliasing turned on or off in the Viewer and in both 8 and 16 bit render modes in the Project and with a ridiculously high bitrate on Export. It just really does look like that.


  • @Ady, @SimonKJones ; bumpity bump. :)

    I know you're all very busy, but if integrating Boris 3D into the next update of Hitfilm is one of the things you're working in: I'm hoping the lights wont produce a banding effect like this?

  • I noticed this once but I cannot reproduce. What material preset and reflection map are you using that gives you the banding? I don't see "gray metal".

  • Actually, every single Material I tried on the front face looks identical (i.e nothing changes on the text front face when I change the texture) for the 1st second of the video, which is when the banding is most visible. Once the text angle changes to get some light on it, the different textures become visible and the banding  fades away.

    That's very I checked to see what else I'd changed when I found that problem.

    The culprit is Reflection Texture: Horizon Gray Hi-Con

    If I turn that off, the front surface is almost black, but that Reflection texture adds the purple banding to the front surface when no other light it visible. It's also having a less visible effect when the texture catches the light later in the video.

    So, I guess the real takeaways from this are:
    1) I need to test more thoroughly either side of the parameters I'm using when I find something weird.
    2) It's probably fine after all, just don't use that Reflection texture on your text. :)

  • Yeah, I'm not seeing a problem here, it looks like it's simply reflecting whatever reflection texture you had set up. Let me know if that isn't the case, though.

  • Yep, the only issue is the supplied Reflection texture is...a bit ropey. :)

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