• Thanks, I didn't know I could add more audio tracks :)

  • Hah! Was just coming to share this review myself. Pretty fair review, I agree with most of Tobias's comments. 

    Had some minor communication with him, and I think he might do a review update in a few months after seeing how the next few uodatea tweak the software, and, possibly, address some of his complaints. 

  • If funds were unlimited for audio I'd get wavelab and cubasesx again.  But I think hfp4 is awesome for the price.

  • A very good review, fair, to the point and blunt at that 'in a constructive way', the only thing I disagree with is the model import, it's no fault of the software that models import black, to a degree of control from the 3D Modelling software that has separate units that do different jobs,  given to what needs to be done to the model and what plugin is used I.E. Ray tracing, VRay or Octane render these alone take over how a model is textured and pull away from the default texturing with in the 3D modelling software, that alone takes a chunk of data from the exported model 'for HitFilm to understand', thus causing a problem with import completely, 

    when you purchase a model from a model site, always be sure that if it says that it uses Vray for example, that you either take it in to your modelling software,  remove the use of 3rd party plugins,  open the programs default channels and re assign the textures from there and export the model with the correct MTL data then it will work, however this is just one example but model sites usually are clear,  when sold, that they work under a strict platform conditions, 

    3ds Max 2010 NativeV-Ray 2.40.03
    Other Formats
    Autodesk FBX
    3D Model Specifications
    Product ID: 738948
    Apr 28, 2013
    Geometry: Polygonal Quads/Tris
    Polygons: 76,758
    Vertices: 76,469
    Textures: Yes
    Materials: Yes
    Rigged: No
    Animated: No
    UV Mapped: Yes
    Unwrapped UVs: Mixed

    other than that very good review. :) 

  • Great review, with lots of very useful insight.

  • @NxVisualStudio you should basically just copy/paste that comment over on the YouTube page. That's actually very good information in general. 

    @SimonKJones I think all the reviews are actually pretty spot on, including Surfaced Studio, Premium Beat and Expert Reviews, among others. 

  • @Triem23 - agreed. HitFilm 4 Pro has received some really great analysis from both the press and the blogosphere (bleurgh) in general. On the whole very positive reviews, so great from a marketing perspective, but also full of excellent insight on where we can go next.

  • " but also full of excellent insight on where we can go next." this +1 

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    I think the relational comparison with Element 3D is fair. It properly imported the model and Hitfilm did not. Exactly why Hitfilm had a problem and Element 3D did not for any specific model is a technical discussion. Was it Element supporting feature(s) Hitfilm does not or bugs in the Hitfilm importer. Users don't really care about the technical. They only really care about if the model imports and imports in a usable manner in their compositor of choice.

    Good tip from NX about making sure a model we acquire does not use plug-ins. It seems obvious but is maybe easy to overlook and get some heartburn as a result. FxHome should probably add some annotations to their 3D model tutorial(s) and documentation to remind users of this. That could save some head scratching incidents.

  • "Users don't really care about the technical. They only really care about if the model imports and imports in a usable manner in their compositor of choice." this is my way of working.

    I'm not technical, I'll have an idea of what I want to do when the creative juices are flowing, if I have to spend time making something work (in this example, tweaking textures to make a budget model look better) then I'll lose that creativity. For others this isn't a problem and can tweak to their heart's content. This is not a fault or criticism with the softwhere, because the software is awesome and that you can tweak model settings is a big bonus.

    But as a contradiction to my above statement, I will spend ages tweaking the lights to make the model look good.

    but if the new Hitfilm city can just 'dropped in' without having to do much for it to look good, then I'm going to very happy (and creative)!

  • @NormanPCN ;Somewhere along the line with in the design process of the model being built, be it ray trace/Vray and so on, some form of metadata is missing causing the model to have a void that's texture less/colourless or even transparent in some cases, It's just a matter of support, Does HitFilm need these extensions? Likely, but it's resources and time consuming,

    Element supports ray tracing that I know, It also has more shader channels I should Imagen which could be one of the reasons for a successful import. I'll have a look into it chap :) 

    Remember your death star being black? that was down to Vray, there was a normals extension over the top of the UVW map and didn't belong to Max's default channel.  dramas Aye haha

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    @GodofThunder That wasn't a dig at you chap, I genuinely agree with your review, I merely suggested that the models will have issues as the staff at FXHome equal to around 20 and Adobe around 13,000 +  so unified support for compatibility will vary hugely, your review was top notch!

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    @NX I didn't even notice! Lol 

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    Great review!

    It would of made perfect sense if you included cost for plugins and compared what you could get for your money going with HF4P, when compared to After Effects + plugins. Because in the long run, After Effects is going to cost you more than a single one time purchase. My 2c.


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    @SimonKJones, if I may ask, what are your short and long term ethos and goals in regard to Hitfilm?

    Where do you see HitFilm in the next 12 months, 5 years and 25 years?

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    Excellent and fair review. I agree with his cons.  I'd love to see 3D objects have their own move, scale and rotate gizmos.  I'd also love to see FBX import since all of my 3D Animation software imports/exports that.  Grouping of clips and applying effects to tracks or multiple clips is another area I agree with the reviewer.

    That said, I have been with Hitfilm since it was not called Hitfilm (pretty much since FXHome's beginning) and am amazed at how far they've come.  I've upgraded every version and although I own tools like Final Cut Pro X and Motion, Sony Vegas Pro 12, and many others, more and more I am leaning on Hitfilm to do my work.


    • "I'd also love to see FBX import"

    Yeah, when I browse Turbosquid and see fighters with animations for things like landing gear I have the same wish. I wonder if/when we might ever see Alembic being offered in force.

    @NXVisualStudio "Remember your death star being black? that was down to Vray,"

    I remember. You said the author did some noob type thing.

    My point is that if you have a Ferrari, it is not going anywhere with only three wheels. All that power is stopped cold by the missing wheel. There is a minimum entry of four wheels to get going. Likewise a minimum entry for 3D model import. The minimum being defined by what is commonly available out there for sale. For the review author it seemed Hitfilm was below that threshold as too much of what he had would not import into Hitfilm.

    In my Death Star case, if I could flip the normals for certain materials and not all materials on the advanced tab, I might have been good to go. I also tried putting emissive color on the dish/weapon materials.

    For the sake or argument. If the Vray renderer is a super common thing, then can there be ways to look for that specifically and substitute that custom renderer defined for a surface in some way other than getting a black surface in Hitfilm without any warning notification.  Just spitballing.

    This whole black surface thing, without warning, smells like a 3rd party library is being used to do the importing. Just speculating out loud.


  • @NormanPCN ;

    "This whole black surface thing, without warning, smells like a 3rd party library is being used to do the importing. Just speculating out loud."

    I do believe you are correct and I think it's the Open Asset Import Library

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    Ahh. Guess it was good speculation. My reasoning was that 3rd party libraries often cloud the ability to gracefully handle anomalous situations, because they might be providing an encapsulation of necessary info to detect said situation.

  • Nah, it fits with NxVisualStudio's observations. He and Aladdin have lots of fun techie info. Actually, you do, too, Norman.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
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    @SimonKJones @KirstieT FYI, I chatted with Tobias at Surfaced Studio, and he will be adding annotations to the existing review to note the new features in Update 3 (especially camera controls since that was a negative) and add the Update 3 blog link to the video description. 

  • Thanks, @Triem23!

  • @SimonKJones no problem. :) 

  • @NormanPCN
    'For the sake or argument. If the Vray renderer is a super common thing, then can there be ways to look for that specifically and substitute that custom renderer '

    Having the Chaos Group team up with FXHome............Now that would be something else in it's self and would probably change the way models are textured Completely,
    supporting Vrays channels and it's shader system, that changes everything, the way HitFlm computes and the sheer amount of processing, then there's Subsurface Scattering, this is used for translucent materials and has multiple scattering components, then there is raytracing this deals with things like refraction/ transparent materials, could you Imagen a simple glass 'filled with water' and a light source, the physics would produce a tangent /envelope  producing this curve of light be it refection/refraction on the surface and that produces the natural caustics as we know it, some advance stuff right there,

    I've gone over a small margin of examples here, I would love to see this universal support myself but as I said before, It's resource heavy and cost intensive.

    This would also impact the way we work in HitFilm. I have mentioned in the past to @SimonKJones  about the benefit of being an open graphics API to that of other renderers like Vray,

    The impacts;
    workflow - This slows down the freedom of maneuverability due to vast computations.

    Post - add that on top of workflow ? you would likely see more crash dump file than you would care to see, 

    Allocation - Memory/processing and bandwidth gone be the days hitfilm runs on a standard gaming rig, you will need a ranch setup for that.


    That's just picking at a few integrations from Vray, to be adapted within HitFilm, to run those extra channels to display models correctly,  

    It's better to stick with what FXHome have built so far, and just remove the components that stop them displaying within HitFilm correctly, not everyone will know how to do that yes, but no doubt given their path of learning, they will likely come across 3D software and work it out for them selves,  

    I'm sorry if I've confused or missed something but keeping it short, I'm just trying to answer the question as to why, I hope this was useful :) 

  • @SimonKJones I also dropped the link to the Update 3 blog on Premiumbeat since they reviewed the initial release. The changes to camera controls alone almost justify a new version number, except I suspect those changes were initially planned for initial release and pushed back for whatever reason. ;-) 

    Whatever reason probably being the total overhaul of the 3D engine and keyframe system. When one thinks about it, Hitfilm 4 had a ridiculous amount of core function changes. 

  • SimonKJones, Can you also please answer my question?

  • e2@Yeremeyah @SimonKJones won't give you a concrete answer to this. No representative of a software company can give hard speculation on future developments. Among other things, there's no hard answer. FxHome has a massive wishlist for Hitfilm, but is a small company--roughly 20 people, compared to over 12,000 at Adobe. There are features Simon, an employee, would like added that haven't been yet. Coding and production priorities are subject to change (Hitfilm tends to do a user survey in the summer, as well as the Wishlist thread) depending on what FxHome feels is of most use to the greatest amount of users. 

    Simon has said similar things in other threads over the years. His best answer is "continue to develop Hitfilm into the best software we can create."


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    Triem, it would have been nice for SimonKJones to have answered me in HIS way and not leave others to answer me for him.

  • @Yeremeyah, I'm sorry you feel this way, and see you tagged in your email. If defense, these guys dropped a major, MAJOR update last week, and were probably quite overwhelmed. If the fault is anyone's, it mine, since Simon is on his weekend right now, and *I*am the one who preemptively respond. 

    I ask you to reconsider your decision. You have shown great enthusiasm, have seemingly helped thousands of people, and are just getting to the point where you have the basics down (and I think that class they have in the blog would actually be great for you). 

    So please, sir, do not go because perhaps you consider me a jerk. 

    Whatever you decide, I wish you well. 

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