HitFilm 3 Pro crash

Hey folks,

Dunno if it's on my end or what, but I ran into the following problem just now;

  1. Put two clips together on the Editor timeline (.mt2s, if it matters)
  2. Add Denoise filter to one clip
  3. Add White Balance to the other clip
  4. Add any kind of transition at all (I did it with both fades and wipes)
  5. Try to either play back or scrub through the transition spot on the timeline
  6. Enjoy!

As soon as I unchecked the boxes next to the effects in the Controls panel so that the video was "raw", the transition played.

Note that if I convert both clips to Composite Shots, then add the effects to them there, the transition works as well.

My specs:

Windows 7 w/SP1, 3.40 ghz AMD processor, 16GB RAM, Radeon R9 200 series graphics card w/ 2GB graphics memory


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