Conditional masking & version control

Two questions from me today;

If I want to have a composite shot masked, but only from, say, frames 3 to 10, is there a way to keyframe the mask turning on and off?  I'm using its opacity value for this purpose, but I feel like there's a "real" solution I just haven't found yet.

Also, I am going to be producing some tutorials for my machinima community; the folks over there really want me to show them how Hitfilm works, but most of them would be using Express.  Is there a quick way for me to find out if a specific technique/effect/plugin/whatever is limited to the Pro version? (I'm using HF3, if it matters).


  •  To tell if a feature exists in Express I would consult the online user guide. It states if a specific feature or effect requires any one of the expansion packs and if so which one. Another method would be to look at the Hitfilm Express store and write down the features that the various expansion packs add. I have read that Pro has some effects that cannot be bought for Express, so the Express manual is probably the best reference. If it's not listed there...

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    If you want to create tutorials specifically for Express users, you can grab a free copy of Express for yourself:

    Use that to create the tutorials, and you are sure to only use tools they will have available.

    For masks, you can either keyframe the position or opacity to make them invisible when they aren't needed. or, you can slice the layer, so the portion that requires masking is its own separate layer, and only apply the mask to that portion.

  • Sorry I'm late to my own party, but thanks for your input, guys!  Good to know I was doing it right.

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