Anyone know of any free 3d models of x-wing and ISS that work with hitfilm?

Hi guys,

I've been trying without much luck to find free 3d models of an x-wing fighter and also other rebel and imperial ships with work with hitfilm. I've tried several that either have texture problems or that just wont load.  I'm also seeking the same for the international space station. Does anyone have tried and tested ones they can point me too?



  • For info I've tried several from tf3dm,  foundation 3d and scifi3d. I have a star destroyer from foundation 3d that looks great but other things are proving harder to track down. 

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    @NxVisualStudio DreamArchitect already hit the go-toos. 

    @DreamArchitect havehave tried

  • Hi @triem23

    No not tried that though I did get the hitfilm celestial pack from there. Will try there. Might just have to do some work on the models myself to get them to load. I have the nasa iss but it's broken in to a hell of a lot of parts. And I mean a lot. The other model they have is max format so can't use it. I have an lwo one but it wont load in hitfilm and vue complete doesn't seem to play nice with models made up of parts. I will keep looking and post my solution 

  • Hi @dagaffer. Thanks but it's poser format.  I don't have poser anymore and hitfilm doesn't support it. I should say I also tried vanishing point as well

  • DreamArchitectTriem23

    221 have that model pack now, the ISS is in parts but there is a low poly All together model in there somewhere but as you say a lot of parts and I bid you good luck finding the damn thing, If you have no luck remapping the UV's then shoot the model over and I'll patch it up,

    If you look at the dalek scene the ISS is in bits within the scene :P

  • Yes it is but Daz studio is free at daz3d and you can output to boj format!!

  • oops dyslexia  obj

  • The X-Wing model from Renderosity that @dagaffer pointed you to is an .obj file (I just downloaded it to check). That should work for you.

  • Oh really, sorry the @dagaffer and thanks @briredd

  • @DreamArchitect not sure if you tried turbosquid or not, probably have. Didn't see much other than a low poly that has no texture mapping so you would have to do that yourself. But there is other free star wars items as well.

  • thanks everyone that's helped here. I've solved the ISS one at least. 

    A 6 part lwo model I found loaded ok in vue 2014 complete. I'm trying to export to another format now but failing that I can create what I need in vue and render from there then being it into hitfilm that way.

    going to try something similar with an xwing I have. I think I might have been missing something with multipart models that a hitfilm tute helped with. if I can get another one into vue I can convert that too 

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    With multi-part models in Hitfilm make sure you go into the Advanced tab of the model import dialog and uncheck "Center Anchor Point" and "Normalize. After that, just make sure the scale you set for each segment is consistent. Then you can drag each piece into the SAME model layer, and everything will line up correctly. 

  •  Yeah @triem23 that's the tute I watched. It allowed me to get it all sorted in vue. I've found an xwing I can use but the animation groups aren't quite right. parts of the engines and guns don't move with the wings. Tried grouping in view but it gets ignored in 3ds output. Annoying but I may just have to animate those bits manually as I don't have anything else to fix the groups with. Or perhaps animate that one in vue as well. I wanted to use the hitfilm particle fleet but I could use vue ecosystem instead. 

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    The disadvantage of free model is, of course, many of them are rubbish. Bad geometry or messed up animation groups, etc. I suspect a lot of the free models on sites like Turbosquid et,al are student works, or intended for stills. I've yet to find a usable free X-wing. Should ask @SimonKJones for the link to the model he used. It's probably a purchased model, but we know it works. 


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    I tried some free x-wing models and they would not load. I purchased one from Turbosquid and I am also pretty sure it is the same one used in the Hitfilm tutorial. I like the weathered look of the model. Using this model is not at all fiddly. It just works.

    I did DL a free Death Star from Sci3D. It was kinda messed up as it got darker when you shined a light on it. The advanced tab flip normals feature needed to be used. There were other things I needed to change a bunch to look reasonable. The default materials were odd for some parts.  Fiddly, but works, and looks ok.

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    The TIE fighter on Foundation3D (or was it scifi3d) built by Andy Meerow works great in Hitfilm. 

    @NormanPCN you might be right. That's a pretty nice model, and not a bank-breaker like some of the $200-$300 models. 

  • Another place with some interesting objects is the Celestia Motherlode. Look under 'Fictional.'

  • Hi @Triem23. Found the tie fighter on scifi3d it's Al Merrow and it looks good.

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    @RossTrowbridge Gah! *Facepalm* Of course the Celestia Motherlode is a great place for models!

  • @RossTrowbridge, @Triem23, Got a couple of ISS models from and the planet textures look good. i've now tracked down most of the assets I need. Just looking still for a better x-wing. I could buy the turbosquid one but budget is tiny for this movie so might just have to work with what I have. Thanks to all who have helped here

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    I'm just hoping someone with much better modeling skills than me will build and release the Hermes from 'The Martian.'

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    NASA hosts their own 3D models and makes them freely available, including several versions of the ISS:

  • Axel, thats great! Thanks for the tipp

  • Here's an X-wing you may be able to use.  Haven't tried loading it into hitfilm, but the obj should work.

    It's from the new Battlefront game.  Some of the textures have to be separated out for the different pbr passes, but they work very well.  Lots of other models in that thread as well.

  • ok found a new t70 (poes xwing) on scfi3d. Looks like it will work well in hitfilm. Loaded ok and the wings animate so will give this one a try

  • Yobi has cross website search ability. Type in whatever ship you're looking for, X-wing, Millennium Falcon etc. and it will compile a list from different sites on one page. It does catch a bunch of unrelated stuff sometimes but you can find the ship you're looking for by sight (meaning your eyes- not web site ;^) )!/search?q=3d%2520obj%2520xwing

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