Set Matte Bug - HF3E, HF3P and HF4P weird edges

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@Ady , While still messing with Set Matte, I found a weird bug where the top and right hand edges have some sort of aliasing saw-toothed pattern moving along them.

Having played some more, it seems that the scale of the cloud's width and height changing independently may (or may not) be connected (i.e it starts out wider than it is high, then scales down to 1:1) , in that I tried it again with a linked scale and it didn't do it.

Best of luck.


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    @Ady, @SimonKJones Bumpity bump. I'm sure you're busy and it's not a big flashy bug, but just knowing it was on the fix list would make me feel all warm inside.

    And Ady, I'm sure adding the Layer CTRL corner drag (other thread) will be widely appreciated. :)


  • Palacono - Sorry, I typed out a reply & made the rookie mistake of not actually posting it yesterday! Sorry about that. It's been assigned to our plug-in developer who will take a look at it.

    Yes indeed, hopefully it can be put into the next update. :)

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