Hitfilm Viewer Scaling Bug

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Applies to HF3E, HF3P and HF4P release version. Not tested HF4P update #2, as I uninstalled it during some other testing.

Video explains it all: showing it going a bit bonkers. Although my question is: could it be made possible to adjust one side (or corner) by holding down whichever of SHIFT, ALT or CTRL is free (I know one of them is, just can't remember which it is now )



  • Palacono - Yes, sadly that is indeed quite broken. I have done the usual & logged this to a developer to look at. Thanks for the video, certainly helped me to reproduce the problem, once again thank you for your feedback.  

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    @Ady No problem, and at the same time could you perhaps add to the - extremely long - wishlist ( somewhere near the top would be fine ) that it be possible to grab a corner of a layer with CTRL held down to do what I was trying to do? Currently CTRL does the same as no key being held, so would appear to be available.

  • Palacono - Yep, I can most certainly do that! Infact it's been done. :)

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    @Ady only just thought to check this out.

    Was a bit of a longshot, but sadly the bugfix and CTRL and resize by dragging on one corner didn't make it into update #3 (was rather a lot of big stuff in there, so.... no surprise :D ). I'll keep looking out for it in future updates though. ;)


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