Viewer does not update when a camera layer is disabled

Two cameras. Both are live the whole comp timeline. The top camera is the "real" camera and the lower one is a temp one I use as a cockpit view when parented to various 3D objects. The bottom camera is always enabled but effectively not used due to layer order.

When I turn the top camera layer off, eye button, the viewer does not update to the cockpit camera. You have to move the playback cursor a frame to update the viewer.

The opposite works as expected. When enabling the top camera the viewer is instantly updated.

I was using this cockpit camera to quickly see; Am I pointing in the right direction. 


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    That's a clever idea for navigating! Sorry I can't resolve your problem. Although this used to happen when switching from Active camera to Top view. I'd have to move a frame forward and then back for the Top view to update. They got that resolved now, I believe, so don't give up hope!

  • No worries. Moving by a frame is an easy enough workaround. Just not the instant, click-click. I assume FxHome reads these things and logs them.

    As a Newbie to 3D objects it helps for me to see what the object sees. It's naturally intuitive. Getting used to using some of the ortho views in combination takes a bit.

    Actually a selected object orientation view, aka cockpit, could be something useful as a viewer panel viewing option. It's a little simpler for the app since it knows the extent/boundary of the object, or that view could just ignore painting the select object. The way I was doing it you have to offset the camera to get it outside the hull of the ship. Different objects have different sizes.

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