Some HF3 Express free stuff didn't show up

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The 'Giveaway of the Day' website was giving away HF3E+Sci-Fi Adventure Pack.

All you have to do is submit your email to receive some spam for the rest of your life from the third party website, didn't work.

Through the magic of weird activation keys voodoo, when I installed the pack it said I already had it (I have the Christmas lightswords update on HF3E), but not the rest.

I uninstalled it and installed the 'new' HF3E version from scratch and it evidently checked the registry and just came up with the same 'Lightswords Only' version again, without prompting to activate it and add the other Effects.

So, what's the 'proper' way to get the rest of the freebies in the Sci-Fi Pack?

I already have HF3P (not registered under this account name if you're checking), but hey, free stuff is free stuff.



  • I have the same problem, solved my problem by uninstalling the program, and deleting it from fb

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    @billy37040 I already uninstalled it and reinstalled it.  Didn't make a difference.

    What's 'fb'? Facebook???

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