Hitfilm HF4P Update #2 - Quad Warp Bug

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Finally got to checking out Update #2, and the new Quad Warp effect.

The good news: The corners track better than before, which makes a lot of difference.

The bad: The image is pretty soft. Could there be an option to dial down the anti-aliasing a bit while still tracking the corners better?
The Plugin version looks sharper and I don't think it ever had the wandering corners issue in the first place. Nope, just checked: has same wandering corners issue, more visible at lower res, or when following something. Added an image of it doing it in a plugin. All 4 corners start and end at the same coordinates following a box moving across the screen and expanding slightly. (Another plugin issue is it doesn't accept small enough numbers to be placed at pixel boundaries, just 0.00 to 1.00 values to represent X and Y coords.)

Bug: There's still that weird render bug where it grabs pixels outside the texture, producing lines at the edge.

This test showed a white line periodically appearing at the right edge of the texture.




  • @Ady @SimonKJones Should I ticket this as a bug instead of just posting here?

    Only thing is I haven't got HF4 Pro, just using HF3 Pro and playing with the HF4P Demo for now.

  • Palacono - Sorry, I think this got hidden amongst the spam, Simon has raised this as an issue with our plug-in developer. Thank you for your feedback.

  • @Ady , I think most of my posts are treated as Spam. I might complain a lot, but it's from a good place: making the product better. :)

    Revisiting this: any chance of an Anti-Aliasing slider or option on the new Quad Warp? It's pretty soft, whereas the newer accuracy of the end points would probably be more than enough for most things. I'm getting too much softness when I stretch things with it, and when I add Sharpen I then hit a new 'out of range' type issue.

    To see it, get something soft, like a smallish texture stretched with Quad Warp to about 4x its original size. Then drop 2x 100% Sharpen Effects on it to try and reduce the softness. That.

  • AdyAdy Staff

    @Palacono - Nothing you post is marked as spam, we value & appreciate all feedback whether it is good or bad. We cannot improve if we don't listen to our users. :)

    I can certainly put that forward as a suggestion sure, not sure how feasible it is but there maybe a way to do what you are suggesting.


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