Possible Puppet Warp Alternatives

First up is PhotoAnim 3D which is now free! It does skeletal animation and can create 3D objects from 2D photos. Basically mask what you want an object of and poof it's 3D (ish). It also has some parallax tools. One downside is it doesn't seem to export an alpha channel so you'll have to set a green background, export and key in HitFilm. The bones tools start @6:30 or so of this video


And this one covers creating 3D objects


The next one is Archipelis which is a paid product, 29 Euros, that also creates 3D objects from 2D images. I haven't tried the demo yet but from the tutorial it looks like it might make models that can be rigged.



  • Wow great find! I'll be sure to check these out!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Depending on the shot, Hitfilm tools might do it. "Paper doll animation" and "2.5D layers can work, like in this 2-part tutorial from creative cow



    Displacement mapping can do fun things. 


     And @InScapeDigital did a Hitfilm specific tutorial on the technique


    Hitfilm's other Warps can get puppet-warpy effects as well. Not as well or as easily, mind you. 

  • Quick and simple one slapped together just to see if PhotoAnim was feasible


  • Do you guys think HF will ever have a puppet tool and or rotoscope brush?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Can't say. A similar toolset is certainly on the wishlist, but where in priority? I'd rather have the puppet tool than a roto brush, myself. 

  • I agree if given the choice .. since I am going to be working on that spoof opening to Game of Thrones for next year,  will either of these programs help me to extrude a 2d picture of  a Real Estate office building and make it 3d? I'm still trying to figure out a way to create the opener of Game of Thrones where the flat buildings extrude upwards.. I have cinema 4d as you know but still an amateur with it and not sure how I would do that, then animate it. .

  • @LIFE_LEADERSHIP I'll answer that with a definite "uhhh maybe". In theory either one could do that but whether or not the result actually does what you need it to is a different story. I haven't tried any 3D stuff with PhotoAnim or tried the trial of Archipelis yet. PhotoAnim is free though so give a shot and let me know what the results were :)

  • Will do.. Before i get that far, i need to figure out how i am going to create a Game of Thrones looking map of the US... Its been done before, i've seen 2 versions of video that were created with Cinema 4d i believe, that look amazing..  Unfortunately, i am not good enough to get to this level...

    Here is one of the re creations. great job to who ever created it..... i have some time to create a similar project for that Real Estate company where i will zoom into 5 different Real Estate offices in Tampa Florida..... i WILL get it done, just not sure how.. :)


  • Indeed. Nice find guys!

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