Image based lighting

Is there any way to use The Environment Map effect (or something similar) to simulate image based lighting on 3d models?


  • Can you go into a bit more detail about what exactly you're looking to achieve here?
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    Hey Simon!
    I’m basically trying to light my 3d model with an HDR image. I’m want to light my model without having to recreate the scene with 3d lights (something I cannot do with accuracy). I think these pictures I found online will help explain what I am looking for.
    Hope this helps
  • I need some advice on an idea that I am experimenting with on simulating image based lighting in Hitfilm.
    The environment map ability on the 3d model not only lets you use a layer but also the whole composite shot. So here is the theory. Would it work if I had three copies of the environment map in the composite shot (One for the reflections, one set up for specular, and one set up for diffuse), then I set the 3d model to use the entire composite shot for the environment?  
    I understand that this may not work at all but I just need some feedback on anything that I might be missing (like how I would set up the diffuse copy). Any comment on this will be appreciated.
  • You'd have to duplicate the model 3 times and also duplicate the environment map 3 times for what you're trying to do. Each copy of the model will have a different set of materials... I made this tut on image based lighting for Blender but it applies to HitFilm2 Ultimate because you have control over your 3D models materials.
    Check it out if you want, it's pretty long and involves other things. 
    Hope it makes sense. 
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    its been about 6 months since ive used blender (I use 3ds max now) but when i used blender it only took inserting a image file somewhere and bam you have image based lighting. I do know that this was only a feature in the cycles rendering engine.
    these links might help
  • Can we look forward to this in Hitfilm in the future?  Lighting a 3d model based on images and maybe even video would add a greater deal of realism to 3D compositing to Hitfilm. Just a thought.

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    @IAMYISH this is a quite old thread, and Hitfilm has has features similar to IBL since Hitfilm 4 Pro. 

    Check out this tutorial where Simon Jones lights a model basically with an environment map, only using one other light, and that's to define cast shadows.

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