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Sometimes when I am turning the image in 3d mode in perspective view it gets shifted/tilted out of the proper x/y/z axis and when I try to re-center the image a lot of times I just make it worse. My big fat fingers can't make those delicate movements with the mouse. @-) Can't remember if there is a way to recenter the image but it would sure make it easier if there was a way to return the image/layer position to its original position point. Undo doesn't seem to work in that fashion. Probably just me being a noob but any thoughts. :-?


  • I think this could be because your camera isn't in it's original position anymore... If you convert a plane to 3D, it's position is set to it's former x and y values and a z value of zero. So, if the camera is in it's original position, the plane should stay where it was before, otherwise the camera now sees it from a different angle.
  • Would parenting it to a 2D plane before changing to 3D help? That way you can check the attributes to make sure it is still at point'zero' compared to the static 2D parent layer...
  • Thanks, I'll see if that helps. An instant reset would be helpful though too.
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    Yeah, spinning the perspective view doesn't actually change the position of any objects, just of the imaginary camera that is looking at them, and it could absolutely benefit from having some method of resetting it to the default. Moving the perspective view doesn't register on the History, so it can't be undone in that way.
    I've added your suggestions to the list of features to be added to future builds.

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