TARDIS landings and take-offs

I know that the standard form of this is the mix from one shot to another..
What I would like to try and do is similar to what is used in NuWho, with light leaking through during the event.
Although our ship isn't the Doctor's, it's one of our own devising.. It's a black and silver box.. I wanted the section of silver about the main doors to pulse like the light on the Doctor's ship.
Would that have to be animated separately and added later?


  • not exactly sure what you're describing (will re-watch a new dr who when i get home) but I'm assuming the effect you're after can be done with some basic rotoscoping, maybe just use the neon glow grade and mask the outline that you want to have pulse and keyframe it, then do the picture fade/swap. Or even just mask the ship on a 3d plane with teh second blank shto behind it and use a light to eminate.. well.. the light.

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