HitFilm4 Pro update #2 crash on loading some projects

Hi. I've just installed new update. My project made yesterday crashed on loading. I'm using some 3d models in this project.

I've also checked some other projects and found another one that crashed on loading. Both of this projects use the same footage with green screen effect - maybe this cause an issue. Other few larger projects works fine.

I did installed HR4 update #1 and it opens these projects with no problem.

I've sent dump files.

Maybe you should consider some public beta testers, this is not the first time when new version crashes or do other bad things that is hard to find in internal tests in Your company. I'm a product manager of some business software here and I've got some knowledge about how it "don't" works ;). Just in case, feel free to sign me in to beta testers list ;).


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    Side note: I was a public Beta tester for HF3 and 4 but only tested the initial release. I know exactly how many testers are on that list, but I suspect the updates are on a faster schedule and tend towards mostly internal testing. Especially around Xmas? 

  • Hi @PelzaK, I just had a look at the dump files you sent, could you try removing your proxies? Go to Files > Options > Proxy > Delete all Proxies.

    We are investigating what happened and how you got into that situation (have you got any more details?) but in the meantime it should hopefully allow you to open your old projects.

  • Bingo. Removing proxies "do the trick" ;). Thanks.

    But there is something strange. After successfully loaded second project I decide to make proxy again for this shared footage. Proxy creating process stuck at 100%. In Processor tab icon rotating, I can't pause it or remove proxy. I killed HF process then and while loading it crashed again.

    When I tried to remove All proxies messagebox said that could not delete some proxies. I guess some process or thread is holding a proxy. I remove proxies from proxy folder manually. Then HF loads project. So I repeat the process of making proxy and it succeeded.

    So I go into first project which uses the same footage and click make proxy for the shared footage. It stuck like in previous attempt.

    Then I remove proxies manually again, and can't make proxy again. After restart HF I click remove All Proxies, and that shows the message:

    "This drive does not have enough free space.
    Your proxy settings must leave at least 5GB of free space on the choosen drive"

    But, my drive (E:\video\blabla\_Hitfilm proxy\Proxies) has over 1TB free space. It looks like one time warning ;).

    After that I loaded my first project, build 2 proxies for other footages ok, then build the shared one - ok. Reload project, but I've noticed that proxy is not recognized, so made proxies again and saved the project. After loading HF crashed.

    So again, start new HF, removing all proxies and try to make proxies like before, but it stuck on first footage (not shared) at 100%.

    So I don't know. Can't find any repeating pattern.

  • @Pelzak , have you tried running Chkdsk on the drive (or Computer>Drive letter>Properties>Tools>Error Checking) ? I've had weird unrepeatable issues in the past (can't recall what now) fixed by that.

  • @Palacono, no errors found. It's a new harddrive, has few months only.

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