Download my preset - Moving Clouds

As promised my Moving Clouds preset is now out. Watch the overview video below and download it at
Also, I'm pretty sure that's the first third-party preset released for HitFilm :) Let me know how you guys like it, thanks.


  • Thanks for your work on those cool tutorials you have made, and for that nice clouds preset. Looking forward to more!
    Did you know that with your vocie, you could make a great Darth Vader impression!? :D
  • Ha if Darth Vader was Haitian
  • Downloaded it, you did a great work. I will do some tests with it tomorrow :)
  • Thanks, looking forward to seeing what you do!
  • watched the tutorial at the start of my shift, will be nabbing it when I get home. Also went into your particle tutorial, keep up the good work!
  • Downloaded and straight into my "Rody Polis" preset folder! B-)
    Really good effect and I've been playing around with it all day - thanks for the great work and tutorials - I'd be so far behind with learning HitFilm without them!

  • Downloaded and straight into my "Rody Polis" preset folder! B-)

  • Awesome, RodyPolis! We are really grateful for your willingness to share your work and take the time to assist others in getting more familiar with the software. I'm sure lots of folks from the community here will benefit from your endeavors.
  • Where are the presets located in Windows XP? How do I find the folder so I can import and export them? I have some great presets for making a convincing Lightsaber and I'd like to share them with everyone.
    John B-)
  • I smell a winner for most helpful HitFilmer already...
  • Nice one RodyPolis, many thanks!
  • Not available anymore...  :'( 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @djpadawan this was a particle sim preset from 6 years ago. It would require Hitfilm Pro..

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